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On someone's TV there is a porn/horror movie while a couple is making out. There is a knock on the door. Some guy with a mask and a pizza box has a gun and hits the guy and knocks him out then appears to rape the girl.

SVU is called to the scene. Fin tells the guy that they're working on catching the perp.

Turns out the guy called Anne Stacey and called her boyfriend Chad. There is another Chad who lives in the building, which they finally find out from an oblivious security guard.

They talk to Chad who says he's a dentist and everyone hates him. His girlfriend, Brianna shows up at SVU. She tells Benson a year ago she had an affair with a guy named Jake Sanders who was obsessed with her after and had a gun. The cops go to question Jake and naturally he runs off on his bike. The cops jump into their car and quickly get him. They find a gun on him and arrest him.

Fin tells Benson that Jake has an alibi. They get a call. There has been another rape by the same guy calling the couple Chad and Stacey.

Benson interviews the new victim. She says he was short and called her names and called her Stacey. Benson suggests they take her to the hospital. Beth blames herself for the rape.

Later, Carisi finds out about a group online of men who think women owe them sex and call the women Staceys.

Anne denies knowing anyone like that.

Beth does not recognize Anne's picture. Rollins asks her if she turned anyone down for a date recently. Beth says about a year ago she went to a party at Tudor Mansion (a sex club). She says they vet everyone but there was a creepy guy outside and he begged her to pretend they were together so he could come in. A week later she saw him in Dunkin Donuts and then on the train.

Fin and Carisi talk to the owner of the sex club who says he vets everyone and doesn't keep records of the losers who don't make it in. Eventually he gives them Riley's name and address.

The cops question Riley who insists he doesn't know Beth and then later claims there's no such thing as rape. He thinks the Constitution gives men the right to have sex with whoever they want regardless of if the partner consents. Meanwhile, another rape occurs only this time the guy gets shot.

Apparently the guy was shot in the head and might not live. Rollins offers the parents coffee. They just want them to get the shooter.

The cops talk to Carol, the latest rape victim. She says the guy said his friend would have enjoyed it. This guy knew them personally and called her boyfriend by name. Benson tries to comfort her. Turns out the shooter's friend is Riley. Rollins comes in and indicates that the boyfriend died. Benson tells her. Carol sobs.

Benson wonders if Riley and his friends traded rapes to get revenge for each other. Stone is skeptical. Benson says she had to let Riley go but if she gets a warrant for his computer she can find out more.

Carisi looks at the computer and finds out Riley talked to someone named hateful-one.

Riley is brought back in and Carisi confronts him. Hateful-One and Riley traded rapes. Riley doesn't want to talk to Rollins, who tells him about John being killed. Riley gives them the real name of Hateful-One. The cops go to the house and arrest the guy, Chris.

Benson fills Stoen in. Stone accuses the guy of RICO. Stone talks about murder. The defense attorney doesn't know anything about this rape circle. The defense lawyer seems lost. Chris is shocked when Stone says he can take Chris' mom's home until this is figured out. Chris gives up Iron Cross but won't give up his name. He says the Omegas are going to get what they're owed and that they are in a revolution. He gives up Iron Cross and the guy is arrested.

Tony is defended by Callie Thorne who thinks he's a good looking guy who is attractive. She claims there's no evidence. Stone says accomplice testimony is worthless. Rollins says cell phone GPS puts him there. Callie Thorne demands the warrant. Carisi claims they asked for the cell phone records, which didn't require a warrant, which included GPS.

The attorneys go to court but the judge says this is Big Brother. Case is dismissed. Carol is upset. She and her parents leave after commenting about how unfair it was.

Carisi is hard on himself. Benson says they are cops, not lawyers, and they need to focus on getting corroborating evidence. Carisi comes up with the idea of talking to Tony's mother.

The cops realize that Tony wanted to get revenge on Carol for snubbing him at prom 10 years ago. They go back to court and bring in Carol. Carol doesn't recognize Tony. Callie THorne says they're done. Carole demands to know why Tony did this to her. Tony calls her ignorant and shallow and throws herself at worthless men and she's not entitled to love but he is because he was alone while they all had their perfect lives. He ignores his lawyer and spouts off facts showing he is stalking her. He killed John because Carol didn't answer his prom invitation. Tony is arrested and Carol claims she never got his voicemail and that he is stupid and evil.




Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 4 Quotes

Fin: The pizza guy called Rick Chad.
Benson: And he kept calling Anne Stacey.
Fin: You thinking what I'm thinking?
Benson: This guy hit the wrong apartment.

Benson: So Anne, I know this is difficult, but I'm going to ask you to describe this. Any little thing you can remember may be helpful.
Anne: He made me tie Rick's hands with those plastic things.
Benson: Okay. Was he white, black, Hispanic?
Anne: He was wearing a helmet. Do I have to do this now?