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Afteraance troupe performs at a rehearsal, the director is negative and hard on the dancers.  Another guy in the audience agrees. A male dancer encourages his girlfriend and they kiss. He tells her to come with him. They go backstage and start making out. He begins underessing her...

Next, we see the same girl teaching a bunch of young children ballet. Her boss tells her they can't have "that" around the kids. She says something about a video.

Deliah goes home and discovers someone has uploaded a video of her and Brad to a porn site.

Benson and Rollins look at the video. Deliah says Brad is a nice guy who wouldn't have done this.

Kat and Rollins talk to Brad, who denies knowledge and asks if the video can be taken down. He says he and Deliah are not the only people who have hooked up in Studio X

Benson talks to the anager, who says he is a friend of Barba. He hopes Benson can keep this private.

Kat discovers that someone took the camera out of the wall.

The owner of the porn site claims it's against freedom of speech to get rid of the video and it's just revenge porn. He backs down when Carisi threatens to get subpoenas but says the video will go viral anyway.

The cops interview Jason, a dancer who uploaded the video. Kat tells Benson that Brad gave Jason the video.

Deliah can't believe this. Brad is a gentleman. She wonders how she could be so stupid. Benson tells her there were videos of other women. Deliah identifies some of them.

Rollins talks to another woman who is disgusted and didn't know she was being filmed.  She asks who's seen these. Kat talks to another woman who says she's engaged and can't have this come out. She says there are so few male dancers that Jason will never be fired.

The choreographer is annoyed that the boys are in jail. Alistar wants to take it seriously. Sasha says it won't happen again. Benson says the boys could be looking at prison time. Sasha says but they have a premiere in three days. Benson suggests he set aside some time for understudies.

The boys' lawyers claim this was consensual and the girls are just remorseful. She turns out to be Brad's mother and says Jason is the only one who committed a felony.

Rollins is frustrated that texting the video to friends seems to be worse in the eyes of the law than putting it online. Benson says but Jason doesn't know that the revenge porn law is toothless.

Carisi and Benson talk to Jason, who denies setting up the camera. He says he's the fall guy. Even Sasha knew about it. He would watch the videos and ask the girls out then have Jason delete the videos.

A woman says Sasha made the video disappear in exchange for her having sex with him. She doesn't think it's rape. Sasha interrupts and tells them to go away.

Rollins tells Carisi the sex was not consensual. Carisi agrees but says defense will claim it isn't. Kat says the code of silence is real in ballet culture. Benson says the code of silence is a problem every place there's a boss taking advantage. And more bad news: Deliah's video has gone viral.

Benson tells Deliah they are doing their best to get the videos removed. Deliah is worried she will get fired. Benson tells her about Sasha. Deliah says so that's how Tina got her solo. She won't help them go against Sasha. He's the choreographer and can do whatever he wants.

The cops talk to a guy who has been injured while dancing. He won't talk when his career is on the line.

Kat tries but the girls have too much to lose. Benson tells her to find someone who has already lost.

Rollins and Benson talk to a girl who quit the Nationals last year. She's shocked that anyone is investigating Sasha. She won't go as far as saying she was raped. She says Jason made a sex tape and Sasha used it to blackmail her into having sex. She told Alistair who made her participate in an auction where sex was expected and used the tape to blackmail her too. She quit without even dancing and has never danced since.

Carisi says it's not enough but Benson says it proves a pattern. And Rose is willing to testify. He says it's Rose's word against the dancers.  Benson suggests going undercover at the gala. Rollins offers her friend (boyfriend?), who agrees. The cops listen in and are impressed. Alistair suggests he sponsor a prima -- the final auction item and implies he can have sex with the ballerina.

Carisi says that's just innuendo and the best way is to go after the victim for prostitution.

Ashley and the UC go to the suite. She says this is just for one night and safe sex only. The cops come in and she says this was not her idea.

Ashley asks if she is under arrest. Calhoun tells her she could be charged with prostitution. She says she can't say whose idea this was. Calhoun asks if Alistair will protect her. Ashley says everyone knows the dinner for the auction winner is more than just dinner.  He had a video of her with Brad and Jason. He got it from Sasha. He told her since she already slept her way to the top, this was a small ask. If she refused the video would be made public.

Carisi says that's enough for an arrest warrant but Benson says let's get them now. Calhoun arrests Alistair and Sasha. Alistair says Sasha is the one who is a rapist. Benson says Alistair is a sex trafficker.

Alistair and Sasha take a deal. Jason will do a few months and SVU is working to take the video down. Brad and Edward are suing for wrongful termination. Deliah is sure the boys will get their jobs back. Benson says the new board hired an all female artistic team. Benson asks if Deliah will consider going back. Deliah says her only dream was to be a disaster but now all she can think about is the audience leering at her on the Internet.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 21 Episode 17 Quotes

Deliah: I need your help. I have to get this taken down. I already got fired from my teaching job. Oh my God, what if the Nationals find out?
Benson: We are going to do everything we can, but to be perfectly honest, once these things go viral, it's hard to get a handle on it.

Woman: I like you, Deliah, and what you do on your own time is your business. But we can't have that here.
Deliah: What?
Woman: One of the moms showed me the video. All the dads have seen it too.