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At a party at the Garlands, his little girl talks to Benson. Mrs. Garland introduces Benson to her friend Edgar.

Meanwhile, Rollins spent the weekend with her mother and stuck with a case about a church embezzler who wants to turn on a church official she claims is a sex offender. Her lawyer is worried about the church official being a friend of Garland's.

Said friend is at the party and saying grace at the Garlands. The doorbell rings.  It is Rollins and Carisi. They tell them about the accusations against Reverend chase. Garland is shocked as Chase officiated at his wedding.

Fin is sure that the pastor is guilty. Benson says they don't know and the informant has a reason to lie.Garland doesn't believe it but will let the investigation proceed. Videos show that the pastor ministers at affairs full of young girls which could be a sign of him being a predator.

Garland comes in and says he almost tipped Chase off but his wife stopped him. However, Laura Chase is concerned about the embezzlement and that could be an opening.

Benson and Carisi pretend to be part of the embezzlement investigation. They find a payment of $250 thousand for a young girl and her mother. 

The team talks to girls who were paid off. The first girl denies everything but the second one says he was talking to her in a perverted way. ANother girl also denies it. Rollins is suspicious.

Garland meets with Chase, who claims this is racist nonsense meant to stop him from uplifiting the community. He leaves and Benson approaches Garland, who is now suspicious and feels bad.

Chase is called in and asked about the checks.He says they are legit. He talks about Renee's needs and claims the church saved her. He also says Sherry is a liar.

Kat talks to Renee's mother who has never met Chase.

Benson and Rollins talk to Michelle, the office manager, who claims Renee stole the money. Rollins says that they should pressure REnee by pretending she will be charged with theft.

Renee says that the Reverend gave her the check. She tells the cops that she just did what he wanted. She says at first her grades were bad and Chase called her into his office and said he would tutor her privately and it would be their secret. Sometimes he massaged her. She doesn't want to keep talking about it. She has a video of him undressing her. He gave her the money to delete the video.

Fin rants about how Garland should have known something. They go to get Chase, who thinks Garland will get him out of this. Laura goes to see Garland and yell at him. SHe doesn't believe that her husband did this and insists on seeing the video. Garland shows her photos and she insists that they are fake. Garland tells her he can't make this go away. Laura threatens to ex-communicate him from the church.

It turns out Edgar is Chase's lawyer. Chase claims that Renee is obsessed with him and that she is troubled and making up stories when it's someone else in the video.

Outside, Carisi says Renee is a problematic witness. Benson says they need to talk to more of the girls in Renee's dorm.

Michelle says that Renee ran away. Brianna is crying. Renee's bed has been graffitied with scripture about the Devil being a liar. Michelle says no one but Brianna feels bad because Renee is a liar.

Renee's mom doesn't believe that Renee had sex with the Reverend. She says she told Renee she couldn't come home just because she had a bad day. She tells er where Renee is.

The cops find Renee at her boyfriend's. She says she won't go back after what people are saying about her. She doesn't want the video shown in court. She wishes she kept her mouth shut and let him move onto his next special girl... she won't tell them what girl.

Carisi and Benson talk to Garland. Carisi tells Garland that Renee's statement won't be admissible. Benson says if they arrest him they can get his DNA. Garland says that's her call but he hopes they won't arrest him in public.

There are lots of cameras outside the courtroom. Garland is upset. Laura insists again that Renee is lying and wants more money. Garland says Renee has been ostracized. Laura says Del spent mpre time tutoring Renee in math than working on his own sermons.

Arraignment. Carisi wants to deny bail. Edgar wants ROR. Bail is $50k and no unsupervised contact with underage girls pending trial.

Chase has a rally outsie about how the charges are fake. Garland wants to hear him revile him face to face. He calls Garland a Judas wo wants to help the NYPD destroy black people.  Benson can't take anymore. Benson notices that Laura seems upset.

Laura secretly comes to see Benson. She says she was awake all night thinkng about what Benson told her. How could she have let this happen to those girls? She says she reached out to the girls and asked for their forgiveness and asked tem to cooperate with the cops. Benson takes her hand.

The girls testify in court.

Renee testifyies about makng the video. She showed it to Chase when he started paying attention to Brianna. He took the computer away and gave her $250,000.

Carisi meets with Edgar ad Chase. Chase goes on and on about how Renee seduced him. Edgar tells him to stop. Chase thinks the jury will side with him. Carisi tells him about the other girls. Chase insists this is a set-up. He wants to know who plotted against him. Carisi informs him about Laura.

Edgar comes to see Benson.  He tells her that he resigned as Chase's counsel and wants to talk off the record. He wants her to know that he's sick and ashamed that he didn't see this happening. Benson says lots of people have told her this. Predators are adept at shielding their dark side from everyone except their victims.  Edgar is sorry for his part in tis. There is no defense for what Chase did. Benson wishes they hadn't met under these circumstances. They shae hands and he says him too. 

Garland goes to see Chase in prison. He is angry. Chase wonders why he is here. Laura won't even talk to him. He thinks God is testing him Garland tries to tell him that he did this to himself. Chase tells him not to visit again. Garland says he will pray for him.  Chase goes and Garland cries. 



Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 21 Episode 18 Quotes

Benson: Because I trust you and the community trusts you, I might need your help with this.
Garland: Okay. In this case, Laura Chase pulled me aside and said she was worried about the embezzlement charges. Might be an opening.

Carisi: We got a tip about a sexual predator.
Garland: This couldn't wait?
Rollins: The informant was worried about whether your would let the case go forward because you personally know the accused.
Garland: Of course. Who is it?
Carisi: Reverend Dominick Chase.
Benson: Is he the one who just said Grace? How well do you know him?
Garland: He and his wife Laura are like family. He ministered at my wedding.