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Benson is in some sort of rush or bad mood and tells  her doorman to hold onto her mail before getting harassed by some guy on the street.

Meanwhile, Kat sees a guy grope a girl on the sbway.The guy goes to another car and does it again. He then goes and stands next to Kat who promptly tries to arrest him. Rollins is on the same train and so is Finn. They all chase after the guy, along with the two women who he groped. People start accusing them of racism and a brawl breaks out.

It turns out this was part of an undercover operation. Benson shows Carisi the interviews of various people arrested for subway groping. The guy who tried to escape from Kat is a government worker.

The guy claims any touching was accidental and he broke his phone because he knows that the cops are anti-black. He then asks for his lawyer.

Benson and Fin talk to Dwayne's boss at Homeland Security. They need to access his computers. The cops suggest the boss search Dwayne's computer himself to avoid the need for subpoenas.

Pornographic photos have been found on Dwayne's computer. Dwayne claims his boss is making green card applicants have sex with him.

Benson and Kat talk to a supposed victim, who keeps saying her marriage is legal. Lina admits O'Toole raped her but won't testify.

THe team talks to Garland. He wants more names. The first victim won't talk. An Irish woman is locked up in ICE detention. She won't testify because then her husband will be deported.

Carisi says if he asks for a warrant the feds will take the case. Benson suggests doing a sting.

Rollins goes over the mission with her partner and then Carisi roleplays the meeting with O'Toole. Then we see the real interview. O'Toole asks about Valentine's Day plans. He asks Rollins to meet with him privately. He says he will call her to set up a meeting.

Rollins meets with O'Toole in a car and he asks her about her sex life. He also threatens not to give Falad a green card and tells her to make love to him. He has a mattress in the back. SVU arrests O'Toole.

O'Toole's lawyer claims he was just finding green card scammers. O'Toole is released on his own recognizance.

The team tries to interview Ezra again but are interrupted by her husband's arrival.

The Irish woman agrees to testify. Fin says they need details. But there's a problem. She never told Patrick about the rape and he has her phone. 

SVU goes to see Patrick, who is having an affair with some guy.

Benson tries to talk to Lina, who is worried about her husband thinking she cheated. She says her husband is already crazy with jealousy. Benson realized Lina is being abused. 

Garland worries that the case could implode because several of the marriages are fake, some of the victims are refusing to testify, etc

Carisi is getting pressured to give O'Toole a lighter charge/sentence.

At trial, Buchanan tries to destroy Dwayne's credibility because of his own charges and tries to imply  he made the whole thing happened.

Sgt Caldoun testifies. Buchanan tries to paint the undercover operation as a lie and a fake marriage. 

Buchanan's defense with Rollins is also that he didn't actually have sex so maybe he was testing her.

Carisi says that Lina's testimony will end this defense. Lina shows up and wants to talk to Benson. She says she can't testify because she just found out she is pregnant.

Carisi moves for a continuance. The judge gives him til 9 AM tomorrow. Buchanan says he will ask for a dismissal and calls Carisi a detective.

Turns out Rollins' partner is half Jewis/half Muslim so he can talk to Ms. Klein as a Jew. Eddie is singing with their daughter. Rollins' partner says something in Hebrew. Eddie says she is the woman of his dreams. Eddie seems to already know about O'Toole.

Buchanan wants a continuance to prepare. The next day Carisi is hard on O'Toole, who continues to claim that this was a test. Carisi tells him this is rape. He insists he's protecting the borders. Carisi shuts that down quick.

O'Toole takes the deal and Carisi is surprised to hear that Calhoun spoke Hebrew.

Rollins and Calhoun go to a diner together. Rozemi comes to their table and says she is closer to Eddie than ever now. Rollins is surprised and puts her hand on Calhoun's.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 21 Episode 14 Quotes

Well, that went viral like the flu.


Woman: A black man can't even go to work? He'll lose his job!
Fin: He is a groper! Imagine if it was your mother or your sister.