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After a replay of Frank breaking into Rollins' therapy session and kidnapping her at gunpoint, Benson's call from Noah about his dance recital is interrupted by a call from Rollins' phone.

On video, Frank tells Benson that he has kidnapped Rollins and won't give her back til Getz is in jail. He hangs up when Benson tries to talk him down.

Benson calls Fin and tells him to get TARU on the case. Fin says Amanda was headed home. ESU is going to try to trace cells, vehicles, etc.

Frank has Rollins and the therapist tied up. He smashes Rollins' phone. Rollins tries to tell him that won't do any good. The therapist tries to talk him down. Frank gets more agitated and holds the gun to Rollins' head because she talks back to him. The therapist says Rollins is just anxious. Frank says that Rollins needs to do what he tells her.

Benson finds out from Fin that it will take an hour to triangulate a location from the two disabled phones. She doesn't want to take any chances at Amanda's apartment. Fin doesn't think Bouchi will hurt Amanda but Benson disagrees. Anyway, they find out the kids are asleep and the nanny is there. Benson has the SWAT team back her up just in case as she knocks on the door. Nanny says they're fine. Amanda went to run an errand. Jessie comes running and asks Benson where her Mama is. Benson tells her Mama is fine, just working.

The therapist's son rings the doorbell and says he forgot his key. Bouchi makes the therapist get rid of him. She tells him to go to his dad's and then tells Bouchi the father never notices anything and that's why they got divorced. Bouchi starts ranting about his ex-wife. Rollins tries to convince him that being in jail will do nothing for his girls.

BEnson finds out that Bouchi is not at home and the girls are still on the boat. No one has any clue where Rollins might have gone. Carisi arrives and rants about how if Bouchi hurts Rollins he will hurt Getz and the judge that he is sure is in Getz's pocket. Benson tells him this was not on him. Carisi is angry that Bouchi was allowed his gun after the way he acted in t he hospital.

Eventually, Carisi calms down enough to tell Benson that Rollins said last week she was at the shooting range. She told Benson that a few days before. Fin says twice in one week? Benson tells Kat to check out the shooting range.

Bouchi freaks out. He already threatened Rollins in front of Benson. It's too late, he's going to jail. The therapist says that she will say Bouchi was under duress. Bouchi says that won't solve his problem. Getz has his girls. Rollins says they will investigate. He doesn't trust her. She says that her car is out front and they will get caught. Bouchi has a new plan.

Meanwhile, the shooting range is a dead end, but GPS puts Rollins in the 80s blocks west of Broadway. A 911 call came in from Hanover's office. Hanover is an NYPD shrink and her son alerted her supervisor, Leo Vanetti, that something was wrong. The SVU team realizes Rollins was secretly seeing  Hanover for therapy. They get the SWAT team together and go over there.

The SWAT team and SVU go into the building but find only Hanover bound and gagged. Benson takes the tape off Hanover's moouth. Hanover is okay but Rollins is gone. Bouchi took her somewhere.

All they got out of Hanover is Bouchi is agitated and has no plan. He wants to see Getz get arrested on the news. Kat wonders aloud if Rollins could be in on it. Carisi is offended. Benson sends Fin and Kat to talk to Bouchi's ex and his daughters to find out where he might have gone.

Mrs. Bouchi thinks Bouchi is just jealous and trying to ruin Ivy's career. She is shocked to hear Getz is a pedophile and doesn't believe it. She wants to take the girls home.

Meanwhile, Ivy tells Kat that a girl on the boat was bragging that Judge Ellory has sex with her and goes to the parties too. She is tired and doesn't want to keep answering questions.

Garland says there is no time to lose and they have to bluff Judge Ellory even though they don't have a case against him yet.

Rollins gets Bouchi to let her call her daughter and tell her she's okay but Bouchi sees a police car and threatens to shoot Rollins right there in the street.

The cops go to see Ellory in the middle of the night. They show him the photos and threaten to blow up his career over Rollins' kidnapping. Ellory asks what they want.

Meanwhile, Bouchi has Rollins handcuffed in a car. He says she's like his wife and talks too much but he doesn't understand why she's seeing a shrink. Rollins says she's made lots of mistakes. Two girls by two different men she slept with for no reason. She tries to get Bouchi to take the cuffs off. He says he'll pull over if she shuts up.

Ellory talks to Abrams while the cops watch. Abrams says Ellory needs to chill out, there are underage girls coming. Don't call him again. He goes. The cops realize they have very little time before Abrams tips off Getz. Carisi makes Ellory get a no-knock warrant for Abrams' office.

Meanwhile, Kat and Fin stop a car where Rollins' phone is pinging. It is a false alarm, as Bouchi planted the phone there and the driver had nothing to do with the kidnapping.

The warrants are served and Abrams is arrested. He claims his friends in 1PP hate Garland. Garland is unimpressed.

Abrams is all cocky til he learns they got him on child pornography. He wants immunity. Carisi won't play without getting Getz.

Getz and his business partner are arrested.

Meanwhile, Rollins is being held hostage in a motel where they know Bouchi well. She says she learned growing up that all dads cheat.  Rollins goes on about how she's jus tlike her mom, always chasing dirtbags, and Bouchi was too good a guy for her. They are interrupted by breaking news that Getz has been arrested.

Bouchi tells Rollins to go. She grabs his gun and makes him come with her so that they both get out alive.

Getz says he has a treasure trove of other people he can implicate. Judges, DAs, governors, etc. Carisi refuses to make a deal.

Everyone is worried about Rollins. She shows up with Bouchi in handcuffs. Rollins just wants to go home. Carisi gives her a ride. In the elevator, she cries in his arms.

Bouchi makes a deal and gets a year for unlawful imprisonment, as Hanover doesn't want to press charges and Rollins doesn't want to see him punished. Kat is angry. Carisi says he's looking out for Rollins, who is a mess.

Rollins reads a story to her girls.

Meanwhile, Getz commits suicide while the guard on duty is asleep at his desk. Kat and Fin doubt it was a suicide. Benson is upset that the victims won't get their day in court.



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Law & Order: SVU Season 21 Episode 10 Quotes

Fin: Captain, hey. I was just punching out.
Benson: No, you're not. Bouchi went rogue. He's holding Rollins and he has a weapon.

Frank: Goetz has my girls. Now I have one of yours.
Benson: Frank, let's talk about this.
Frank: I want Goetz in jail.
Benson: Okay, I hear you. But Frank -
Frank: I know you. You get things done. Now do this.