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A woman is painting when her boyfriend or roommate or whoever he is comes in with food. He thinks her painting is odd but likes it. She has to go to work. 

She is working in a strip club. Some guy named Martiviez is looking for her. He asks her for the VIP room -- alone. She takes his hand.

Later she seems upset and leaves the locker room, hurrying out to her bike. She finds someone took the front tire and curses and throws her purse at it.

She goes to the police station and is told she will be called when there is a change in the investigation.She calls and calls and never gets anywhere. She decides to take matters into her own hands.

Benson is with Noah and he discovers a mural stating that a woman was raped and the cops did nothing.

SVU checks it out. Kat finds that there were two rapes reported that day and neither was this woman's.

The strip club manager claims her club is safe. A worker says her past club was not so safe.

Rollins and Kat find the bike ouside (two months later?)

The captain who took the report says he doesn't remember the girl, then when confronted says he got rid of the report because the girl made it up.

Carisi and Fin find out Monica is now working at a BDSM club. Monica tells Benson and Rollins that at this club there are rules. Benson tells Monica she wants to help her. Monica takes a picture and says they will be her next billboard.

Fin and Rollins talk to the club manager, who insists Monica made this up.

One of the other girls at the club tells Fin that a guy named Marqueviez was super rich and didn't need to rape anyone.

Benson goes to see Monica who is still hostile.. Benson tells her she's paying attention, talk to her.  Monica starts to tell Benson about her rape. Benson uses the new trauma-informed techniques to get her to open up. Monica told Jarrod and he told her Marqueviez was a good customer so she should ignore this. She wanted to call them all out with paint because nobody was even returning her calls.

Markeevious claims that Monica is lying and he parties with a lot of girls. Fin says then why hasn't she asked him for money? He says he paid 800 and a $200 tip. He says he has customers to attend to.

Rollins and Fin talk to the ex who won't say anything because she wants a settlement from the divorce.

Monica shows up angry. Someone sent her ripped up stuff from the club and a dead rat. She says the cops are fired and storms off.

Benson goes to Carisi but Monica has made a video and vandalized Markeevis' restaurant. Monica is arrested and Benson tries to stand up for her even though Monica and her boyfriend scream that the cops are all cowards.

Benson has got a lawyer for Monica, who is in lockup. Monica is freaking out about being locked up. She says she is not pleading guilty to everything. The lawyer is glad to hear that.

Rollins talks to Carisi who takes the case away from some other DA who tries to ask Amanda out. Carisi asks Amanda how she's doing. She wants to quit therapy.

Carisi has no objection to release without bail. Monica refuses to promise not to use paint again.

Carisi talks to the defense attorney. He says he needs Monica to be focused and not making headlines so he can make the case. Meanwhile Markeevious says he's going to sue Monica.

Monica decides the thing to do is hold an impromptu press conference/rally. Her lawyer participates as well and demands the NYPD arrest Markeevious.

The rally results in two more women coming forward.

One of the women is a sports journalist who now works at Bed Bath & Beyond because she was raped after she interviewed Markeevious.

Carisi tells Benson from now on these women need to stay out of the news.

The defense attorney insists the women were coached and were seeking publicity.  The judge excludes the other witnesses. 

Monica testifies. The deense attorney is obnoxious about Monica accepting the tip and goes hard on her because she is a stripper. 

Carisi wants to resign from the DA's office because he is losing the case. Benson tells him he's not a quitter. Carisi thinks he didn't do enough to protect Monica. 

Carisi tries again. He taps into Monica's anger and sense of injustice. Barth objects to the lack of question. Monica calls Markeevious a bully and a coward. She goads Markeevious and his obnoxious lawyer so he takes the stand.

On the stand Markeevious brags about how women want him and have even sued him. 

Carisi is super nervous about the jury not coming back. Rollins is about to take Carisi for a walk when the jury comes back.

They find Markeevious guilty. Monica makes a new mural that shows Benson and Carisi as superheroes.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 21 Episode 11 Quotes

Artists? These girls? Maybe that's something they tell their customers.


Boyfriend: It's been over a month now, right?
Monica: Screw this...and them.