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Benson has a late appointment with Dr. Lindstrom. She says she owes part of her promotion to him. She has been invited to Tucker's retirement party. She is nervous about seeing him. Lindstrom suggests it's better not to leave things unsaid.

A woman named Rachel is heading to the party and promises she won't drink.

Benson meets her team and Carisi at the party. Apparently Tucker has a new wife.

Meanwhile Rachel is in her car drinking.

Benson decides to introduce herself to Ed's new wife. Meanwhile Rachel shows up. Benson recognizes her from the academy. Rachel calls Tucker evil and throws a drink in his face. He claims to Benson he has no idea what that was about.

In her car, Rachel says she's making a video at the crime scene. She's the victim. She picks up her gun.

Benson and Tucker are talking when they hear the shot. They find Rachel dead in the car and the door is locked. Benson is shaken as she calls it in.

Benson tells Rollins that this is happening too much. She has invited Lindstrom to talk to all the cops to make sure they are okay. There's an epidemic of suicide.

Fin doesn't trust Lindstrom. He thinks that because Lindstrom works for the NYPD nobody should talk to him.

Benson talks to Rollins. She says it must have been hard for Rachel as a woman of color in the police department. She wishes she'd had coffee a few years ago with Rachel. Rollins tells her not to blame herself.

Carisi comes to see Benson. He says Rachel made a video statement. He shows it to Benson. Rachel says she was raped and no one cared because the NYPD protects their own.

Fin thinks Tucker raped Rachel. He says Benson has to go see him. Benson does and Tucker says it's the first he's hearing about this. Benson asks him about why Rachel seemed to know him. He asks how long ago this happened and claims not know anything about it. He'd have to look through his notes. Benson says he is lying.

Benson tells Rollins either Tucker or Rachel is lying.

Benson and Rollins talk to a reverend who blames the NYPD for Rachel's death. He says she told him she was raped while she was at Vice.  Kat says her rabbi was at Vice in 2004 with Rachel. They go to talk to him.

Morris says he didn't know Rachel well. Kat presses him and he says he doesn't want to speak ill of the dead. He suggests Gary Wald might be involved but wants to be kept out of it.

Wald says Rachel's suicide is heartbreaking. He says she was a talented UC with issues. He knows about the video from Tucker and claims that Rachel jumped from man to man and made up stories.

Rollins and Fin go to see Tucker. He's annoyed they didn't call first. 

At the station, Tucker claims that he didn't remember Rachel at first. He says that if she had filed a complaint against Gary her life would have been ruined because she was sleeping with four married guys. He claims it was Rachel's choice not to pursue.

Benson doesn't believe Tucker would cover up a rape. Rollins says he would, guys slut shame women all the time.

Kat interrupts. Morris has also killed himself.

Mrs. Morris blames Kat for her husband's suicide. Mrs. Morris says she called the department several times about taking his guns away. She says why couldn't he get the help he needed? Benson asked her what happened today. Mrs. Morris says she was calling 911 when she heard Morris call his shrink and then kill himself.

Benson goes to see Lindstrom. She says she knows the last call was to him. Lindstorm doesn't appreciate her interrogating him. Anyway he can't reveal anything. Benson says the DA's office will subpoena him.

Carisi goes to court to get the subpoena.  Lindstrom says confidentiality is more important than ever given the mental health crisis.

Kat doesn't believe that Rachel slept with Morris. Fin says the calls prove it.

Carisi argues the suicides are the result of crime and coverup. The judge rules against him.

Lindstrom's office has been broken into and his files stolen. Gary Wald tried to get them yesterday. He says all he can say is that Tucker knows everything he does.

Benson goes to see Tucker again. He claims not to know about Gary stealing the file. She realizes Tucker has cancer.

Tucker meets Benson at a cafe. He talks about searching for remains. He says that made him think about his own life. He had lung cancer before he started seeing her. Now he has brain cancer. He only has a year to live. The brain cancer is the cause of his memory lapses. That's why he didn't remember Rachel. He says he didn't cover up a rape. Gary told him it was a consensual affair and he believed him.  But he doesn't want Rachel or Morris on his conscience. He wants to make this right while he still can.

At a shiva call, Mrs. Morris says Kat was the daughter her husband never had. Benson sees Tucker talkin to Gary.

Gary tells Tucker he can get him girls on yachts and private planes.  Tucker says that Benson knows what happened happened in Vice. They don't need to worry about Lindstrom, do they? Gary says pin the rape on Morris. Tucker says Rachel really got around. Gary claims Rachel was stalking him and he couldn't have her calling his wife.  He roughed her up and she got the message. 

After the meeting, Tucker seems sick.  Bensons walks him off.

Carisi asks if Tucker will be able to testify. He says the trial could take years to start. Benson insinuates that Tucker is dying without saying it directly. Carisi says they will have to do it without him. He wants Gary Wald arrested.

Kat and Fin arrest Wald i front of all his employees. He is rude to Kat.

Tucker feels bad about not realiizing what Gary did. Benson says she missed things too. She is sorry for the way she ended things.  She wishes they had more time. They hug and he goes.

Rollins gets a text and says OMG.

Tucker apparently killedh imself. Benson doesn't know what to do with that. Fin didn't know Tucker had brain cancer. Fin says that's not how TUcker wanted to be remembered. Benson wants a minute alone. She looks at  a photo of her and Tucker.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 21 Episode 12 Quotes

I came to look my fellow officers in the eye one last time. See no evil, hear no evil, and evil.


Ed Tucker. I've been invited to his retirement party. It's crazy. I've had guns in my face but I'm afraid of seeing an ex-boyfriend.