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Garland tells Benson he got a heads up about the Jayvon Brown case. Jayvon has rejected a settlement because he wants a change.  The brass is against it. That leaves Benson trapped in the middle as both the department and Jayvon's legal team will scapegoat her. She needs to be proactive and defend herself.

A woman in a wheelchair is singing and a little boy gives her money.

Fin lets slip Kat is being promoted.

The little boy's mother offers the woman in the wheelchair and her partner a ride. Partner hesitates but the family insists. Next thing we see is two men with guns at the back of the car forcing the woman and her partner to have sex on camera.

Benson talks to the IAB person, who says that unofficially, the department will clear her of all wrongdoing. Benson says she took what the woman said seriously. IAB says some other cops are going to be moved around because they did racist things. Change has to come from inside.

Fin asks Benson why she's not happy. She says 1PP is resisting change. Fin isn't surprised. He says they have to go after it themselves. By the way, did she tell Stabler she was involved with Tucker? Cause he told him she was with someone while he was gone. Benson doesn't think that Stabler is thinking about that.

Carisi brings an advocate to see Benson. Her sister is missing and she thinks it's a retaliatory kidnapping for her advocacy work. She doesn't think Sara has a partner.

Sara's roommate tells the cops that Sara has a White girlfriend named Alicia who is an a wheelchair so she didn't tell Nicole.

The cops try to call Alicia and get an EMT. Alicia has been found.

In the hospital Alicia says after they got into the van two men with guns entered it and forced her and Sara to have sex and then threw her out of the van.

Benson fills in Nicole, who is shocked that Sara had a partner for over a year that she knew nothing about. Fin and Kat have found a video by a white supremacist group that is auctioning Sara to the highest bidder.

Nicole is freaking out. She says the FBI isn't even allowed to investigate. And why isn't this in the press? Benson doesn't think giving these people publicity is a good idea. Nicole says she's gonna do what she can then. Carisi runs after her, leaving Fin to speculate about whether Nicole and Carisi are involved.

Nicole goes to see Garland, who says that no one cares more about victims than Benson.

Meanwhile, Fin and Kat go after a white supremacist who makes racist comments about them.

At a deposition, Benson tries to tell Jayvon that they have a common agenda and that the courts will need to order anti-bias trainings and so forth. Jayvon has his doubts there are any real allies in the department. The lawyer comes in.

The racist guy turns out to be an undercover. They ask him about the video. Packer recognizes the kidnapper from Florida. No one in the group uses their real name. He recognizes the son Forest's name but says he has nothing in his notes about them. Fin says he has worked undercover and knows sometimes you know things you can't put in your notes. Packer says he talked with and flirted with the wife. Then went through her purse.

Alicia recognizes the wife from a mug shot.

Three hours to find out where Sara is. The suspect isn't talking and wants a lawyer. Carisi says exigent circumstances -- Miranda doesn't apply.

The team shows Molly the video. She says that her husband is smart and works for rich white people -- "even the Jews." She insists she doesn't know where her husband took Sara and that she doesn't know who the other guy is.

Nicole has decided to go on the news and say NYPD isn't devoting enough resources to finding her because she is Black.  Now the bad guys are watching the interview.

The kidnappers live stream that Nicole will never see her sister again. Sara kicks the camera and they see the floor. Molly still insists she has no idea where they are. Benson and Fin say Molly will get the death penalty. Molly wants to see her son. Benson says Molly will get the death penalty and her son will go to an immigrant family. Molly insists she can't get in touch with her husband but the other man is her brother and she can page him. On live stream, the husband kills the brother for being a traitor.

Carisi has taken Nicole back to the station. Alicia calls Nicole over. They were going to tell her last night. Benson tells Nicole she has agitated the kidnappers. Nicole swears she won't leak anything to the press. TARU has pinged the phone. It's a 5 block radius in Chelsea.

They have one hour to canvass. Neighbors heard gun shots coming from the basement. They find a man shot. He says he knows nothing. Benson says talk or die and she cancels the ambulance.

The kidnapper is livestreaming NYPD being on the way. He releases Sara and wants his viewers as witnesses as he is arrested.

Rick is arrested without incident but Sara tries to attack him.

Nicole and Alicia go to see Sara in the hospital. Nicole thanks Benson and apologizes. Benson understands and is relieved that Sara is okay. Nicole says she is not letting up on Benson searching for other Black women. Benson agrees. Nicole tries to apologize to Carisi. He says it's okay. She hugs him.

Benson looks at photos of missing Black girls. Garland comes in. Garland says Jayvon had a bunch of requests as if someone told them what to ask for. Also he had a call about Stabler. There's a perception he's going rogue. He thinks she should keep her distance from Stabler because the department is under a microscope.


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Law & Order: SVU Season 22 Episode 11 Quotes

Fin: If you're gonna be a detective, you're gonna need to ask smarter questions.
Kat: Wait, what?
Fin: That's right. You're getting promoted.

If this goes to trial, both the department and Jayvon's legal team will scapegoat you.