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Benson talks to someone in Italian about a girl, then switches to English to ask how long the girl has been missing. She switches back to Italian.

Kat thinks given the pandemic the girl probably left. But her phone has been dead for a month.

Roommates tell Rollins that Maria left without telling anyone. They weren't really friends. The cops check out Maria's room and FIn wants to get forensics to see if Maria was taken out.

The cops end up going to some sort of abandoned building. Fin finds a freezer. Maria's body is inside.

ME Warner says Maria was alive when she was frozen. She was possibly sexually assaulted, her head bashed in. BEnson tells Fin that since homicide is backed up they will be able to investigate the case themselves.

Benson tells Maria's father in Italy. He asks if she suffered. He had COVID so he didn't call her. The Italian police tell Benson and Carisi that Maria was not happy because her roommates were partiers.

Lexi claims the last she saw Maria, Maria was going to bed and telling her to keep it down. Brad says that someone stole his hockey bag and he assumed it was Maria. Maria social distanced and never had people over. He mentions another guy who was there.

The cops talk to Perry. He moved out because of all the partying and not observing COVID restrictions. He is upset when he hears Maria is dead. He is reluctant to give a DNA sample but agrees. He says Lexie didn't follow social distancing and had random guys over.

Brad's DNA was one of the samples inside Maria (does DNA really get preserved by freezing?). Brad admits he had sex with Maria that morning. He didn't want it to look bad. He insists he was in the Hamptons. But his parents weren't there when he was in the Hamptons. 

Lexie is surprised about Maria and Brad. She and Brad are sex buddies, she sleeps with him instead of paying rent. She doesn't think Brad did it. She thinks she was home alone but it is all a blur. Benson asks Lexie who brought the man home? Lexie says she was all stressed because of COVID. She had sex while wasted. She woke up and he was gone. Did he kill Maria? Benson asks Maria who it was. Lexie has no idea.

Carisi says this doesn't look good for the city. Who's the suspect? Benson tells him about the suspects. 

Lexie really doesn't remember. She has been telling people what they want to hear, like she didn't always wear her mask and went to bars, danced, kissed guys, took them home. Rollins says she's not judging her. Lexie says you are. Rollins says she's ready for this to be over too. Now was it an outdoor bar? Lexie says it's a quarantine bar that lets people go inside. She doesn't want to get the bartender in trouble by identifying it. Rollins says they were past that. (Rollins is not wearing a mask and is potentially exposed by this girl)

Fin and Kat talk to the bartender, who won't talk til they reassure him they're not the COVID police. He says Shawn never takes the same girl home twice.

Shawn insists the sex was consensual and he had nothing to do with Maria's death. He has Maria's passport and is arrested.

Maria's father wants to know who killed his daughter.  Benson reassures him they're close to solving this.

Shawn says that Lexie said he could take stuff. He just had sex with Maria. They had a three way with Maria. Lexie had him give Maria drugs to loosen her up.  Maybe Lexie killed her.

Rollins doesn't think Lexie is involved but Carisi wants her questioned.

Lexie insists Shawn killed Maria. Benson says she's trying to reconcile the two stories. Lexie doesn't remember any three way or anything. Rollins and Benson get aggressive with her. (right in her face when she's not following COVID protocols).

Carisi wonders if Shawn and Lexie are working together. They both have records for minor crimes. Benson says question Perry and see if he;s lying too.

Rollins questions Perry who says he heard partying around 2 AM, and loud music. Lexie brought home some guy. Maria got upset and told Lexie and Shawn to turn it down and she joined the party. He didn't tell them because he didn't want to sound racist.

The news is calling Lexie all sorts of names and making her sound guilty. Benson wants to know who is leaking this. Kat says that DNA shows that Lexie and Maria had sex.

Lexie insists she doesn't know what happened. She is sure Shawn killed Maria. Finally she admits she offered Maria some wine Shawn had stolen. He gave her some edibles (gummies).m Benson says WHAT HAPPENED? Lexie says Maria started talking about being lonely and started crying. Shawn started kissing her. She was like a different person. Perry started yelling. They went to Lexie's room and broke the bed. Lexie was in and out of consciousness. She remembered the three of them in Maria's bed and Maria was high and she thought they should call 911 and Shawn said he would take care of Maria. She doesn't remember how Maria got hurt.  She wonders if she killed Maria.

The news announces that Lexie has been arrested. Brad says she's always out of control. Kat and Rollins feel there is a double standard here. They realize someone had to clean up Lexie's mess.

The cops talk to Brad again who says he was with a friend. Kat says they need a name. It was his fiancee's sister, please don't tell his fiancee. He says Shawn did this. Lexie isn't a demon. What he said on TV was stupid. He swears that he and Perry opened Maria's door and her room was cleaned out.

The cops question Perry who says he was doing outreach to homeless people that weekend.

A nun says Perry is a sweet soul who even gets his friends to donate clothes. Perry donated a bunch of his roommate's clothes once. The nun kept a sweater for herself. She's wearing it.

Lexie's lawyer won't let them talk to her. So Benson says arrest Perry.  Perry is upset the Sister kept Maria's stuff for herself. He says he found her stuff in a hall closet and figured she wasn't coming back. Rollins asks if he texted Maria's father. He says no. He thought she just left. He insists he didnt help Lexie. FIn thinks he must have heard Maria's head smash into the wall. They tell him Maria was alive when she was put in the freezer. Perry says he thought she was dead. He was mad about the noise. He went into Maria's room. He was upset and angry she violated protocol and wouldn't let him kiss or hug her. He thought she was dead. He pushed her and she hit her head on a pipe. He covered it up because he didn't want Maria's father to die of COVID knowing she was dead.

Benson wants Carisi to drop the charges against Shawn. Not his call but he doubts anyone will want to pursue.

The Italian police tell Benson Maria's father was grateful. Benson wishes she could have found Maria while she was still alive.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 22 Episode 3 Quotes

First it was COVID, bodies piling up in the morgue. Then the murders... I haven't slept since March.


Fin: The Italian police, what do they want?
Benson: What, are you having my office bugged?
Fin: I can see you from my office and when you're speaking Italian you move your hands around a lot.