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A defense attorney tries to imply that a rape survivor was drunk and making things up.  She apparently didn't report til two months later. Carisi looks upset.

The team argues about whether Carisi is going to win the case and whether he had the right strategy.

Benson testifies that rape survivors don't always report right away. Defense claims the prosecution failed to make a case. Carisi and Benson tell the survivor this is a standard move and nothing to worry about. The judge calls everyone back.

The judge says that the defendant is an exemplary young man and cannot destroy his future so he is dismissing the case. Carisi says they can appeal. The defense attorney tells Benson and Carisi that the judge asked for this case so he could launch his political career with it.

Gallagher makes his announcement. It turns out that Gallagher knew the defendant's uncle who was at trial.

Carisi and Benson talk to an old frat brother of Gallagher. The guy doesn't want to say too much but admits in the early 90s a woman was brutalized by Gallagher and dropped out of Hudson. She reported it and got nowhere.

The victim talks with Rollins and Benson about what happened to her. When she reported it, she was told a drunken night shouldn't define her college experience. She doesn't want to come forward now.

Benson goes to Hudson U and talks to the President of the law school, who is sure she will not find anything but will look into the complaint from the 90s. There are a bunch of protesters outside. Fin has an idea and talks to a campus cop, who says he can't talk to Fin about the case. Fin gives him his card.

Garland thinks this is overreach. Benson and Holmes try to convince him otherwise. Gallagher shows up and claims women make rape claims to ruin men's careers and accuse the cops of trying to tar him because he didn't rule their way.

Fin meets the campus cop, who has found some old memo books and two additional victims. He gives them to Fin.

The cops talk to another woman who passed out and woke up in the middle of a sexual assault. She was laughed at and not listened to. April had reached out to her afterwards. Benson asks her to testify. The woman thinks Gallagher is untouchable.

The cops talk to a third woman who is now a court reporter and is eager to testify.

Carisi says okay this is a start but I need a case within the statute. They need to move fast because Gallagher has 10 women attesting that the man is incapable of the kind of behavior he has been accused of. Calhoun is one of them.

The cops talk to a Black woman who insists Gallagher did nothing wrong and is proud to have gotten out of the Projects. She doesn't like Rollins very much. Rollins tells her about her experience. The woman admits she was forced to have sex to pass the class. She doesn't want to risk her partnership.

Calhoun claims these are personal and political attacks. The judge knows how to push all of Carisi's buttons and calls him low class etc and almost gets Carisi to lose his temper but Benson stops Carisi from fighting with him.

In the elevator, the cops disucss the case. Benson thinks he is full of ego. Garland wishes her luck. Carmen will not testify now because she will lose her job. Benson tells Carisi not to let any of these bastards get to you.

Francine testifies now. Defense claims that Francine cheated on three husbands so she is a liar. The judge sustains the objection but Calhoun ignores her. 

Maya testifies next. Gallagher made her have sex with him in exchange for a recommendation and good grades. Calhoun asks her about prostitution. She has some email. It was a thank you note. Calhoun says and he made a recommendation etc. She claims that Maya is just looking for publicity. Carisi asks if she will benefit from her testimony. Maya says no. She says she wants to be fair. He did help her but he also did assault her.

Carisi feels there is now reasonable doubt. April shows up and says she has no reasonable doubt and will testify.

April testifies. Calhoun wants to know why Hudson believes this was consensual? Didn't her friends say they didn't see a rape? You don't remember how you got on that bathroom flloor? Maybe you initiated the sexual encounter? (Never mind that she lacked capacity to consent.)  Now April gets all upset and Holmes feels he made things worse.

Carisi wonders if he can get the judge to allow Holmes to testidy.

Calhoun objects to the witness when the judge has already allowed him to do it. The judge denies her objection AGAIN.

Holmes says he heard Gallagher brag about the rape as well as April telling him. He tried to confront Gallagher who smirked and threatened to out him and kill his scholarship. He is trying to make amends for his silence even though he could kill his own career.

Gallagher comes into the bathroom and starts up with Holmes, and claims he stood up for him when no one wanted a "homo". It is recorded without his knowledge and Gallagher claims April wanted it. Calhoun tries to get the recording thrown out. The judge doesn't go for it.

Gallagher finally takes a deal but gets a year of house arrest.  The judge is not satisfied with this deal. She orders him to serve jail time for a year! Gallagher says she can't do that. She says he knows the judge can overrule the deal. Gallagher is shocked. Calhoun tells him not to worry. Eveyrone applauds as he is taken away in handcuffs. 

Benson goes to Calhoun in the elevator. Calhoun says that the fix is in and she advises Benson to "lie back and pretend you're enjoying it".


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Law & Order: SVU Season 22 Episode 6 Quotes

Fin: The old boy network is strong out East.
Kat: So is the corruption.

I just found out that Gallagher wasn't supposed to be assigned this case. He birddogged it. He used all of us, show boating to start his political career.