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In the year 2000, we have a creepy scene of a child lying on the floor counting and then tells her sister that someone is gone.

2014. A defense attorney is very hostile to a rape survivor on the stand.

2021 A woman named Lily wants to slow down with her sexual partner. The next day, the woman calls Kat.

Two women come in wanting to talk to Cragen or Munch. Fin goes to Benson who remembers this horrible case. The women wanted to talk to a detective now that their mother has died.

Benson has to go. Noah has been exposed to COVID and has a fever.

Kat meets with her cousin, who met some billionaire online and was shocked he followed her on social media and invited her over. At first he listened to her.

Rollins talks to the sisters. The mother had made an agreement where the rapist could not be charged for assaulting them, to protect them from trial. Imami didn't want that. She wants him prosecuted now. Rollins says she will call Benson.

Fin needs to talk to Carisi about a rapist who is up for parole. The survivor shows up. She doesn't want to do this. She already testified once. Why does she have to do it again?

Benson talks to Rollins. Restorative justice is a long shot. And Noah has a low grade fever and no other symptoms. Anyway, Kat calls to fill her in on her cousin's situation. Benson says there's not enough to arrest. Kat thinks he will get off because he is rich. Benson says have Lili meet him for coffee and try to get a confession.

Carisi and Fin argue about Jimmy. A prison chaplain shows up and wants Jimmy to talk to all the victims. He's been trying to apologize for years. There are letters. Fin tells him the victims won't buy it.

Rollins says that restorative justice takes a while. Amika isn't happy with that.

Carisi and Kat argue over her case and then see Lili and arrange for the meet.

Imami has a PTSD reaction when going to the prison to see her assailant and thinks she sees rats. Amika doesn't remember any rats and thinks Imami should wait outside. Rollins says they are n control and can stop at any time. Darryl is escorted in.

Fin finds Nora in the park and tells her about the message from Jimmy. Nora is not interested and is not going to the hearing. He has the letters. He gets it if she doesn't want him. He gives her the stack of letters and asks if Fin read them. He says no. But he can screen them. Nora is sure Jimmy is full of it. Fin says he will give the letters back to the chaplain. Nora does want to read them.

Darryl insists he didn't rape Amika. He accuses them of ambushing him and says he's never seen either of them before and makes racist comments about them.

The women try to get Darryl to admit he raped Amika. He says it's a possibility and it sounds familiar.

Nora comes to see Jimmy. Fin is with her. He asks if she read his letters. All he could do was write them. He wants to listen to her.

Nora tells Jimmy she thought he was a nice guy and now she can't trust her instincts. Jimmy makes a speech about the soul searching he did and now he's asking for her forgiveness. Nora doesn't know. Jimmy says he's truly sorry.

Carisi is worried about Lili giving them away. Kat is sure she's prepped. The rapist shows up. The cops watch while Lili talks to the guy. He claims not to have heard her say stop.  He wants to go. She stops him and begs him to stay so they can work this out.  He sits back down.

Rollins says let's start with why you targeted them? He taunts Imami about how she's lucky she didn't get raped too. There is a lockdown and Darryl is taken away.

Akima is ready to go home. Imami is not. The women argue. Akima thinks the fact that Imami was not raped means nothing happened to her. Imami says that she is treated like she was on the sidelines and not a victim too. No one cared about her pain. Sometimes she wishes she was the one who was raped.

Lili goes on talking to the guy. He says if he'd known how it was for her he'd have stopped when she said stop. He was so into her he couldn't control himself. She felt forced and he felt sorry about that. Maybe they can start over. Lili takes his hand. Kat decides she's moving in without Carisi's approval. She arrests Xavier. Meanwhile Fin calls and says Nora has forgiven Jimmy -- what is he supposed to do? Fin tells Nora he thinks Jimmy is playing her. Nora doesn't think so.

The parole hearing happens. Jimmy talks about a restoration ceremony at the prison. He did get to apologize to a victim but he doesn't want to invade her privacy. He understands his victims might be angry.  He talks about how he destroyed the women's instincts. He uses Nora's words. The parole board seems impressed.

Nora is angry and feels stupid. Fin is sorry. Nora thinks he's gonna get away with it. Fin says she needs to testify.

The board is ready but Nora wants to speak. She says Jimmy is faking and the "nice guy" act is what he did before he raped her.

Rollins tries to talk to Imami. Guard says lockdown is over and they can go home. Imami says her mom never talked to her about what happened. Her mom gave her sister all the love. Amika thinks that her mom pitied her.  Imami feels like Amika never knew she was there during the attack. Amika says she saw Imami praying and that was what got her through it.  The women both blame themselves. Rollins says no, it was his fault.  The women no longer need to talk to Clark.

Lili no longer wants to press charges. Kat wants to talk her out of it. Carisi says it's over. Kat doesn't want to listen (as usual).

Kat runs after Lili and says Xavier admitted he was guilty. Lili thinks Xavier is sorry and has changed. Kat says Lili is just doing what he wants. Lili says how could you have arrested him when he's not a criminal and now we have a real chance.

Benson comes back. Noah has tested negative, is hungry, and can't wait to go back to school. Fin and Rollins fill her in on their cases. Fin congratulates Benson on an award. She says she has a lawsuit hanging over her head and isn't sure she even wants to go. Fin wants her to go so she can own her success.



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Law & Order: SVU Season 22 Episode 8 Quotes

Rollis: Liv, everything okay?
Benson: No, that was Noah's school. Someone in his pod tested positive for COVID and Noah's running a fever.

Fin: I put the sisters in interview.
Benson: I want to go through their file. Tell them I just need a few minutes, okay?