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In therapy, Benson says everything is going well so why does she wake up feeling anxious and unhappy? She was fine during the pandemic but has no closure now. There has been a lot of change this psat year. She has had no closure with Barba either. Her therapist asks her about Stabler.

A woman wants the locks changed on her apartment as she is trying to escape an abuser.

Benson says she is happy for her co-workers in relationships. She says she doesn't need a relationship between Noah and work. She wonders whether he thinks she has intimacy issues. He says she and Stabler have to see whether there is more there or move on.

The woman from before calls and demands the super replace the lock. She finds her abuser in a chair.

Fin is playing a shooter game on his phone and doesn't mind that Phoebe is running late.

Carisi and Velasco are playing basketball. Velasco wonders how Carisi knew that Rollins was the one.

In therapy, Benson wonders why she is feeling sad when she has a happy life. Her therapist says everyone is feeling depressed now. He wants her to think about what she deserves. She deserves happiness.

The woman beats a police car with a baseball bat. A bunch of cops rush at her with guns. Rollins comes along and gets them to put their guns away so she can talk to the distraught woman and get her to drop the bat.

At the hospital, Rollins learns that the woman is a rape survivor who wanted to go to jail so Ty couldn't hurt her. Rollins declines to arrest her.

Benson tells the cops to arrest Ty.

Ty claims that he only came over because Deliah wanted him to. He is arrested but is let go. Deliah calls and asks Rollins how to modify her order of protection. The cops can tell she's in danger.

Ty asks Deliah when she will see the judge. He refuses to leave.

Ty is arrested again. Deliah insists Ty didn't do anything.

The cops accuse Ty of raping Deliah. He denies it and says she went crazy and that if he doesn't take care of her she goes under.

Deliah talks to the cops. Benson offers to help her get a different apartment. Rollins and Benson say that the only way to get rid of Ty is to charge him with the rape.

Benson gets annoyed when Carisi mentions Barba. Carisi defends Barba's defense of Wheatley.

At arraignment, Carisi requests remand but the judge sets bail at 50K and makes Ty wear an ankle bracelet. Carisi tells Deliah not to contact Ty. Deliah doesn't think she deserves their help. Benson tells her she deserves freedom.

The cops drop Ty off at a motel and tell him to stay away from Deliah.

Rollins feels helpless to help Deliah. Benson sends her home and asks how things are going with Carisi. Rollins asks about Stabler and gets interrupted by Deliah calling. Deliah stabbed Ty in the back. She says she came over to get her phone charger and he wouldn't let her leave.

Rollins goes to see Deliah in holding. She feels safe in jail. Her lawyer is here.

Deliah makes her statement. She needed her charger and he wouldn't give it to her. And then he tried to rape her again and then went to make her a drink and it was blurry after that. Her lawyer says tell them what you told me. Deliah says she felt like she had to escape so she took the knife off the counter. She stabbed him to get past him. She had to wait for her phone to charge. The lawyer wants to talk deal with the DA.

Maxwell is critical of Deliah's record. Benson says Ty was worse. Carisi argues against self-defense here. Benson says this woman was terrorized for over 10 years. Maxwell says she got out of an abusive marriage herself.

Benson calls around for a lawyer for Deliah. No one else can take the case, not even Ellis. Rollins thinks they should call Barba. Benson meets Barba to thank him but won't stay to talk even though he says he misses her.

In court, the ME testifies. Barba cross examines.

The arresting officer doesn't know what Barba means by affect but they get there eventually.

Benson testifies next and doesn't want to admit Deliah said she wanted to be free. Barba questions Benson about DV victims and battered wife syndrome. Carisi objects when Barba says he knows Benson doesn't like doing this.

Carisi is surprised to hear Rollins was the one who called Barba. He walks off mad.

Deliah testifies. On cross, Carisi tries to make the point that Ty was not an immediate threat to Deliah. He comes at her hard about why she didn't just stay home and get a replacement charger later. She gets a headache. She admits she was happy Ty died. She seems to be having trouble walking.

Barba says Deliah has been released from Bellevue. He now has an expert who will talk about a neurological defect. She has CTE from years of traumatic injuries, and it can cause memory loss.

Deliah testifies that Ty hit her in the head over and over.

Barba wants a deal that does not include jail time.

Rollins tells Carisi she loves him.

Benson meets Barba to thank him for what he did. Deliah is getting lots of therapy and Ty's construction accident settlement. They try to talk. Barba says he grew up getting bullied so he sees Stabler differently. Barba says that Benson loves Stabler unconditionally and he loves her unconditionally. Benson admits she misses him too as he walks away.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 23 Episode 22 Quotes

Benson's Therapist: Oh, Olivia, everyone's depressed now. We've talked a lot about what you want, what you like. I'd like you to ask another question.
Benson: What's that?
Benson's Therapist: What you deserve. You deserve happiness, Olivia Benson.

Woman: You're not supposed to be here, Ty.
Ty: This is my apartment. I'm your husband. There's no one else here to see your little victim act.