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After the wedding, Carisi and Rollins kiss in the courthouse. Rollins can't believe this is real.

Fin and Phoebe give Kat and her partner all the flowers. They can't take a non-honeymoon yet. Everyone needs to be on deck to deal with the high profile sex-trafficking case.

Garland gets called to a meeting. His wife thinks that McGrath wants to bully him some more. Garland says it's about the high profile case and this is the break he needed.

Benson is a no-show so far at the meeting. One of the men is impatient. Carisi calls and she's on her way. She's talking to Stabler while she's driving. Has to hurry because she's an hour late.  Some guy behind her is trying to pass. Stabler says let him. She tries to pull over. The guy sideswiped her (on purpose?) and she goes into the bushes.

Benson thinks she sees Stabler telling her she will be okay but it's really an EMT as she is strapped into an ambulance.

Later, Benson is at work with a broken ankle. Carisi pushes her to get an MRI. She doesn't have time and is annoyed. Rollins asks her about the accident. TPTB think it's a drunk driver who did a hit and run. Fin doesn't think so. Benson is sure if there is anything to be found, it will be. SHe wants to be brought up to speed.

Benson testifies in front of McGrath as to all the big players (great way of catching the audience up too). McGrath says that if they reel in Howard, Garland will be forgiven.

Two CIs talk to Howard while Kat and Fin watch. Howard is upset that his sex trafficking victims aren't around. He wants Machado to get him some teenage girls. Fin and Kat are disgusted.

McGrath comes to see Benson. He wants to put another UC on the mission and doesn't want her to tell Garland or the rest of SVU. He says Garland is not trustworthy because of his former association with Machado.

At a staff meeting, Benson learns that the trafficked women are not willing to testify. Lulu won't cooperate til she gets her kid back, Denise has disappeared, and Rosa wants to be left alone. Benson insists Kat talk to Rosa.

Kat does, against her better judgment. Rosa is angry and wants to be left alone. She can't testify. It's too dangerous.

At a meeting with McGrath, the team and Garland listen to Howard's gross discussion about teenage girls. McGrath has three teenage daughters at the same school as a potential new victim. He wants Howard arrested NOW. Carisi and Benson try to explain they need time to build a case. McGrath doesn't care. Once Howard announces he's running for President, any arrest will be perceived as political, and anyway he wants the NYPD to look good by arresting a privileged white asshole (what was he saying about political arrests?) Benson gets a text and says she has to go now.

Kat comes in later looking for Benson who is still not back from her mysterious errand. She feels wrong about pressuring Rosa and that this case is rushed. Rollins says doing things that feel wrong is part of the job and Kat needs to get over it.

Benson is questioned about Morales' death (from Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 1 Episode 8). The IAB person questions whether she believes Stabler when he claims he didn't text her to be at the hospital that day. Benson does and thinks Wheatley tried to have both her and Angela killed. She was run off the road after all. The IAB person is dubious.

Fin gives Benson a ride to the undercover op. She wants to know what's wrong with these powerful men. Her ankle hurts and Fin insists on taking her to the doctor.

Chief of Staff Ortiz is having second thoughts about being a CI. Howard will know. Kat says he will be fine and takes him out of the room.

At the party, Howard flirts with some women. A guy shows up known as Q (very subtle reference there, SVU!) and says he is about youth activism. Howard introduces him to Jemma, a teenage girl, while Rollins and Carisi watch from a hotel room and wish they could be together. Jemma is soon roofied and taken to Howard's room.

The NYPD bursts in and makes arrests, including Howard, who insists Rollins will regret it and that he did nothing wrong. Q claims to be a UC. Rollins and Fin don't know anything about it. He tells them that McGrath sent him.

Rollins is angry that no one told her about the UC. Benson tells her in confidence that McGrath didn't want Garland or anyone else to know. Fin says McGrath not trusting Garland is bad news.

Kat calls. Jemma is awake. Rollins goes to talk to Jemma. FIn asks Benson about her ankle. It's fractured and too swollen for surgery. Fin thinks she should go home. She can't take a sick day while McGrath is depending on her to close this case.

Howard's lawyer is here. The UC is unhappy about being left in holding.

Howard's lawyer claims witch hunt, wanting to take down a Presidential candidate, etc. Benson says they take down predators, period.

There is a  press conference. Benson wants to wait for Garland. McGrath won't wait. Garland is too connected to Machado.

Garland watches the press conference on TV and calls for his assistant. Why wasn't he notified he was supposed to be there? She says no one informed her of this conference. She leaves and Garland throws the remote across the room.

Later, Garland comes to see Benson. He's not angry. He's sure that when Howard goes down everyone will get praise. He thinks there was just a miscommunication and thanks Benson for always having his back.

All the people who said they wouldn't testify do, except for Jemma, who says she won't, but Carisi says all the jury needs to know is her age.

Howard and his lawyer meet with Benson and Carisi. Howard insists he will be running for President and they can't stop him. He threatens to have Carisi fired and Benson transferred to traffic duty on Staten Island. He and his lawyer argue privately and his lawyer tells him to keep his mouth shut and slaps him.

Carisi is feeling good about the case and wants to take Rollins to dinner, but they get a bunch of calls. Every one of the witnesses is dead except Rosa, who is last seen running away with her son, and Jemma. Benson orders they be found now.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 23 Episode 1 Quotes

Benson: They want me to get an MRI, but who has time for that?
Carisi: No. You have to see an orthopedist. You don't mess around with a broken ankle.
Benson: Thank you Dr. Carisi.

Carisi: I don't know... someone can see us.
Rollins: It's the courthouse at 10 o'clock. It's not like the cleaning crew's gonna care.