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Noah is "playing" with some older kid who makes him sit in a cage and pretend to be a dog. Benson comes to pick him up. He doesn't want to talk about what happened but finally tells her that Hudson is a jerk who put a dog collar on him and made him sit in the dog cage.

Meanwhile a kid's Uncle Carlos is stepping out and tells him not to tell anyone that he left. The kid immediately makes plans to meet with someone he met online. An adult comes to pick him up and says he's the other kid's dad. The kid gets in the car.

Carlos is busy doing drugs with some lady and has to hide them when her young son shows up. The other boy's father comes home and finds an empty house. Carlos comes back but Tino is missing. The father calls someone but Tino isn't there. Where is he gonna go? He's eight.

Tino realizes something is wrong. He's dizzy and wants to go home. The man won't let him leave.

Benson and Rollins have been called in on Tino's case. The detective who called them in suspects abuse. Anyway, there is a lot of fighting going on because of Carlos leaving. It turns out Tino plays games on the desktop and Carlos' laptop. The cops want to see Carlos' laptop but it's gone.

The cops have traced the signal from Carlos' computer to an apartment building. They have to knock on doors. A woman says that she might have seen Tino and that there's a lot of people coming and going in that apartment. No one answers the door and there's the sound of broken glass. The cops break in and find Tino bound and gagged by a radiator but the suspect is gone. Tino doesn't know where the guy went. He wants to go home and hugs Rollins.

Tino has been taken to a children's center. Rollins is very upset. Tino has evidence of being sexually abused and had alcohol and cold medicine in his system. Tino is not really talking.

Meanwhile, Fin has found out the apartment is being rented short term by an illegal broker. The broker won't tell them who rented it last. Velasco tells him what happened there. The guy doesn't know thee suspect's name but Rollins demands to see his phone. The suspect's real name is finally discovered. Rollins and Velasco have to arrest the guy but be nice to him. They knock on the door. No one is there but the door opens.  They find a trail of blood and the bad guy has been stabbed in the groin.

The suspect is in surgery and his phone is missing.  Carisi suspects a revenge attack.

Tino ID's the suspect. He goes to his room and his grandmother doesn't know what to do for him. Rollins recommends counseling. She says her son was home all night.

The father says he didn't do it but Theodore deserved it. Meanwhile, Carlos said he had to get out of there last night because Tino was suffering so much and he couldn't deal with it. He says he was at his girlfriend's but don't call her. Velasco says he would have beat up the scumbag too. Carlos says again he was at his girlfriend's.

Girlfriend says Carlos is a wreck over Tino.  Her kid asks for a juice box. The woman says if anyone ever did to her son what that man did to Tino...

Fin says the DNA is a match. Tino is the only one that the guy met in person. No leads on who stabbed Theodore. Valesco doesn't see what the problem is because the guy is a pedophile. Security cam footage shows that Carlos was there.

Carlos is brought in for a chat and still insists he wasn't there. Fin encourages him not to make it worse. Carlos says what happened to Tino was his fault. He says Tino pocketed a bill from the guy's car and didn't tell the cops because he was afraid he'd get in trouble. So Carlos found the address and he was so angry, and then Theodore said Tino wanted what happened.  He had videos etc and Carlos grabbed a knife. He wanted Theodore to feel scared. Then he stabbed him. He should have stayed til he was dead.

Carisi says this trial will turn into a real show so Carlos better plead out.

That vigilante Elvis is back and helping Tino's family/Carlos. He says the lawyer is great and the judge calls for quiet before the arraignment starts. The lawyer (who looks a bit like the bad guy) wants ROR but the judge sets bail at 25k.

Theodore's case is up next and he is wheeled in. Tino's father refuses to leave. TIno's father wants the judge to give him a few minutes alone to beat up Theodore. The judge tells him this a court of law and to stop. Also bail is set at 250k.

There are a lot of protesters wanting Carlos free. Tino's father wants to know why Theodore didn't plead guilty. Elvis wants Carisi to drop the case. No deal til the pedophile is convicted first.

Theodore claims there was no kidnapping because Tino got in his car willingly. He has excuses for all of it and says Tino being tied up wias Tino's idea. The lawyer wants to make a deal. Carisi offers 20 years. The lawyer says 10. Theodore doesn't want 10 years without a computer and says Carisi shouldn't be mad that he actually has to do his job.

Benson offers to help prep Tino. Tino's father shows up and says he can't let him testify. Tino is having nightmares. He's n ot putting him through this. (Big surprise) They will need Carlos to testify.

Carlos' lawyer isn't interested but Carlos doesn't want Theodore to walk. But is Carlos telling the truth when they haven't found the video? Carlos says he took the phone.

Theodore is going to jail for life but Elvis is angry that Carlos has not been given a deal. Velasco wouldn't take the deal either.

Maya and Andre are here. Maya is shaking. But Andre won't leave her side. Rollins offers to take him. Maya says that Andre started crying and said he never wants to see Carlos again.

Andre has told Maya that Carlos touched him. She says that Andre was in the shower and Carlos showed up drunk. How could she have not known? And then Andre said his stomach hurt and didn't eat his dinner. When she met Carlos she thought he was good with kids. Carisi asks her if Carlos ever spent time alone with Andre.  She doesn't know. She tried to talk to Carlos and he denied it, then said it was an accident, then that he was sorry and it would never happen again. Benson says they have to speak to Andre alone.

Andre talks to Rollins and says it was a bad touch. He learned about bad touches in school. Andre says Carlos never did this before and he doesn't want him to get in trouble.

Velasco isn't sure he believes Andre. Benson does. Velasco says this doesn't make sense. Carisi says they have to pick up Carlos since he knows they're onto him and he can be violent.  They find out Carlos is on the roof threatening to jump. Velasco wants to come with Benson to talk Carlos down. Rollins is sent to talk to Tino to see if there are issues they missed.

Carlos says he won't hurt a kid but he wants to kill himself. Benson tries to talk him down. Carlos says it happened to him and he never got over it. He throws the knife down and starts crying.  Carlos says he's sorry and hugs Benson.

At the hospital, Carlos says that it all came flooding back when he saw that the teacher who did it died in a fire.  He tells them how his third-grade teacher made him feel special and important until one day his shirt was untucked and he tucked it back in for him and that was how it started. It went on til middle school. He says he had nothing to do with the fire but he was glad the man was dead.

Carlos' brother says that Carlos was the smart one but then he stopped studying and started acting out. Why didn't he tell anyone? Benson says he needs to be there for Carlos and his son.

Benson and Rollins talk about how the cycle of abuse never ends.

Carisi offers Carlos a deal on abusing Andre. He'd have to go on the registry. The lawyer doesn't like it but Carlos doesn't want to make Andre testify at trial. Carlos takes the deal and wishes the cops had let him jump.

Carlos has gotten four years of mandatory counseling for all of it. Rollins worries they're missing something with their own kids like Carlos' mom did. Benson hopes not.

Benson tells Noah that she told Annie's mom what happened. Noah doesn't like it. He says Hudson bullies everyone and it was just his turn. He says Hudson bullied a kid who was non-binary and then Noah told him he was bi. He hadn't told anyone before. It's not a big deal but no one should be left out. Benson is proud of him.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 23 Episode 11 Quotes

Tino's Dad: He's not with Mami.
Carlos: Maybe he went out.
Tino's Dad: Where would he go? He's eight.

Benson: So, Noah, you want to tell me what was going on when I picked you up from Annie and Hudson's?
Noah: I don't want to talk about it.
Benson: What's that red mark on your neck?
Noah: If I tell you, will you stop asking?
Benson: Of course. Honey, you can tell me anything.
Noah: Hudson's a jerk, okay? He put his dog collar on me and he made me get in the dog cage and eat his food. And I don't want to talk about it anymore.