On Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 7, Benson and Carisi's search for a masked rapist leads to a retired cop who was protecting the victim.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 7 revolves around a girl who has a history of being stalked. Quinn has a good natured argument with a work colleague and then a night out at a bar, where she thinks she sees someone she knows. Later, she feels as if she is being followed and then is grabbed from behind and sexually assaulted.

Quinn thinks her rapist is a man who stalked her when she was at college, Ray Wilson. Wilson was arrested by a Sergeant Tom Cole in New Jersey and just got out of prison a year ago. Cole says he had a talking to with Wilson when he got out because he wanted to make sure Quinn was safe.

At first, all signs point to Wilson, but then he proves he was at a church group at the time of the attack. The only forensic evidence is a cigarette butt found at the scene with Wilson's DNA, but since that's impossible the team concludes Wilson was framed.

The investigation leads in several directions but eventually back to Cole. Benson instructs the team to tread carefully, because Cole is a former cop.

Meanwhile, Tucker tells Benson he wants to retire and encourages her to retire too so they can share their golden years together.

To find out what Benson decides and how the case ends up, watch Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 7 Online

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On Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 7, a woman believes that the masked man who raped her is the same person who has stalked her in the past.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 7 Quotes

Benson: You're gonna retire? To do what?
Tucker: To do nothing. To smell the damn flowers. Hopefully with someone like you.

Tucker: I live three blocks from this palce. I never knew this place existed.
Benson: It takes time to explore.
Tucker: Exactly.
Benson: Something wrong?
Tucker: No. Just the opposite. Everything's just right.