On Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 16, the SVU team goes after a seemingly all-powerful anchorman who rapes his female costars and blackmails them into silence.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 16 takes on the underside of the TV news business.

While Olivia is being interviewed on a morning news show, one of the anchors implies that the other anchor raped her. The anchor, Heidi, quickly recants, but because she is an old friend Olivia won't let it go. Olivia goes to see Heidi at home but has no luck. However, when Heidi is replaced with a younger woman, Margery, she decides to come forward.

The show's producer, Steven Turner, is not very cooperative and then complains to Dodds, who warns SVU to be careful because this network has the resources to sue law enforcement and often does. When the detectives talk to the alleged rapist, Harold Coyle, he threatens to expose a scandal related to Mike's death if they don't back off him.

SVU does not back off, but it's not an easy case to win because most of the women don't want to come forward and the testimony of four involved in a civil suit is thrown out. SVU seems to be losing its case after the victim takes the stand and another witness is scared out of testifying. But then someone turns the tables on Coyle.

To find out what happens, watch Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 16 online.

Episode Details

On Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 16, Benson and Barba must ask witnesses to put their jobs on the line when a news anchor accuses her boss of rape.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 16 Quotes

Turner: The real reason Heidi is having her breakdown is she's trying to renegotiate her contract and she's heard that Marjorie Evans is being groomed to replace her.
Fin: Groomed? By who?
Turner: This is a brutal business, especially for women.

Davina: It was like I was frozen. I couldn't move.
Heidi: Because you were being raped.
Harold: I can't imagine what it was like for you.
Heidi: Of course you didn't. Cause it never happened to you.