On Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 18, Benson becomes determined to arrest a corrupt lawyer who raped a defense attorney and is intimidating her out of testifying.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 18 revolves around the rape of Nikki Staines, a defense attorney that SVU has dealt with many times.

Nikki offers Benson tickets to a police charity event, which Benson feels she can't accept because of their adversarial relationship, and anyway she has her own. At the event, Nikki argues with Carisi about police power. Benson and Rollins try to escape from this whole event but not before Dodds introduces them to Rob Miller, an attorney for the police department who is defending them against a lawsuit brought by Nikki and who makes a play for both Benson and Rollins.

Later, Nikki is found passed out in a stairwell. She says she was drugged and doesn't remember anything. She wants a rape kit.

Throughout the investigation, Nikki tries to direct the cops as to how to investigate. She keeps accusing them of covering up that it was another cop who did it. Dodds tells Benson to see Miller. Miller gives her a huge dossier accusing Nikki of wrongdoing as a lawyer and asks her out for drinks.

Rollins talks to Nikki, who is defensive at first, but when Rollins shows her the dossier she can't believe he's doing this to her -- and he has a privileged communication with a judge in there. Carisi finds out that the judge plagarised something in law school and Miller took care of it.

Benson goes out with Miller to try to get more info and ends up accusing him of raping Nikki. He gets mad and says she has nothing on him. Later, a state cop pulls her over and accuses her of drunk driving while Noah is in the car, scaring him. Benson goes to Dodds and complains angrily. She asks what Miller has on him and Dodds admits that Miller has too much power. Benson convinces him to wear a wire to try to get Miller.

To find out what happens, watch Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 18 online.

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On Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 18, Defense Attorney Nikki Staines is raped after a police charity event and Benson must look to her own for a suspect.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 18 Quotes

Dodds: Detective. Sergeant. Am I allowed to say how wonderful you look tonight?
Benson: Only if you say the same to Fin and Carisi.

Two hours of glad handling the brass. I am so ready to go home and put my feet up and watch TV.