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As the police gain more and more evidence against Lyle and Erik in the investigation of their parents' murders, Lyle's influence over controlling the situation is apparent. Lyle and Erik's various friends begin to offer evidence to the police that points to the siblings wanting their parents dead. A suicidal Erik, riddled with guilt about the murders, confesses to his therapist, Dr. Oziel.

While treating Erik, Dr. Oziel has difficulties in his personal life when his mistress, Judalon, makes threats to her own life if he refuses to leave his wife. Oziel eventually moves the frantic Judalon into his home with his wife and children, but the arrangement fails when Judalon makes upsetting statements to Oziel's family. When Dr. Oziel kicks Judalon out of the house for her behavior, she takes revenge on him and tells the police everything she knows that Erik and Lyle told the therapist.

Using Judalon's tip, the police are able to get a search warrant that uncovers the taped therapy sessions between Oziel and the Menendez boys. With the new evidence, Lyle and Erik are finally arrested on suspicion of killing their parents. Realizing that she may be the best to handle the job, superstar defense attorney Leslie Abramson takes over Erik and Lyle's case.

Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Brothers
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Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Brothers Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Mr. Reiner, who wants to be our attorney general, is at war with the most basic social contract we have, the doctor-patient privilege. Anyone of you who sees a doctor, or consults a lawyer, or confides in a priest, minister, rabbi, had better be worried, cause Mr. Reiner doesn’t give a damn about your privacy. Someone has to stop him, and we will.


Everybody thinks we were this perfect family, but we were a disaster.