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While the police continue to search for the missing murder weapons, Lyle and Erik's trial starts off with preliminary hearings regarding evidence that will be allowed at the full trial. Leslie tries to determine the Menendez boys' motive for murdering their parents so she can fully defend them in court. The media pushes its way into court, and quickly becomes a major player in the trial by shaping the image of Erik and Lyle. 

While incarcerated, Lyle and Erik begin to feel the pressure of the case. Lyle asks his girlfriend Jamie to lie about his father. Erik and Lyle's acquaintances are interviewed by media outlets around the country. Leslie and her team of experts begin to understand that the district attorney is using the news reports to paint Erik and Lyle as monsters. The defense team tries its best to keep Dr. Oziel's confession tapes out of court. 

After both Judalon and Dr. Oziel both testify that they felt threatened by Lyle and Erik. Ultimately, the judge sides with them and orders that the therapy recordings be allowed at trial. Leslie, understanding that this is a huge blow for her case, digs deeper into Erik and Lyle's background. After bringing her own therapist in to help Erik and Lyle, the defense team realizes they may have a motive when Erik finally discloses that his father sexually assaulted him as a child. 

Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Brothers
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Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Brothers Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

You don't owe those parasites a photo.


Judalon: You said if I went to the police, I’d be dead in 2 minutes.
Dr. Oziel: Well guess what? It’s going to be a little longer.