A Subway Shooting - Law & Order Season 22 Episode 3
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Price kisses some woman before she walks off. All of a sudden someone knocks into him. All these people come running out and saying that someone is shooting in the subway. Price comes down and finds a bunch of shooting victims. He tries to help a girl who is bleeding and panicking. She says a man came on the subway and started shooting.

The cops mistake Price for the shooter because of all the blood until he shows him his DA ID. There is more carnage inside. McCoy calls. Price says he's here already and it's a nightmare.

Price tells Cosgrove this is a hate crime -- all the victims are Asian. No one saw the shooter's face. He had a mask and a camouflage gym bag.

Dixon watches the security footage. The shooter seemed to have disappeared -- he's likely still in the station. She informs Cosgrove, who finds blood and a shell casing. The perp ran into the tunnel.

The shooter did not go to the next station so he is likely here. Cosgrove discovers that a gate is open. The perp must have stolen a key. This leads to a trap door going up into midtown.

Security cameras catch the perp near Chinatown. He throws away his hoodie but has his bag. Dixon thinks she knows where he went.

The cops question a gun shop owner who says a guy fitting the description tried to sell him a bunch of ammo. Another worker tries to run away. The cops stop him. He confesses that he plans to buy the ammo from the perp. The cops catch the perp who claims this is not his bag. There is a photo of a little girl inside.

The arrestee insists he knows nothing. He found the bag on the street and grabbed it to see if he could sell anything for guns. Security footage backs his story up. They can't do facial rec because no mask.

The little girl in the photo is found. She is Deaf. Dixon knows sign language. The child won't tell her anything about her father and wants her mom.

The panicked mother shows up. She has no idea why the shooter had Lacey's photo and asks for a lawyer when she sees the suspect.

Dixon explains to Shaw she knows sign language because she has a Deaf son. They observe Lacey and her mother and find out the girl's father is not the woman's husband but is named John and Lacey says he's mean.

No DNA profile. Shaw wants to subpoena Jessica. Price doesn't want to immunize her.

Jessica's lawyer says she doesn't want immunity; she wants protection. She's scared of the perp who is a white supremacist. Price says if she cooperates then he will keep her identity confidential.

Jessica tells them that John is her ex who left when she was pregnant. He used to work with the MTA. He was fired for his anti-Asian behavior. He blames Asians for COVID. She knows where he might be.

The cops raid a house. Johns shoots at Shaw and jumps out a window (of course). When he is told to drop the gun or else he rants about how he is saving America from Chinese immigrants who are killing people.

Nelson doesn't show up for his arraignment. Apparently the FBI got him. The US Attorney wants to take over. Price says it's understandable. However the NYPD put in the sweat on this case and it happened in their city. He was there. He saw what the man did. He doesn't want to let the case go.

McCoy talks to the US attorney. He asks her does she want a turf battle? She says Maine Justice wants her to take the lead. McCoy suggests a compromise. He gets Maroun and Price appointed Special Assistants so they can lead the case. However Price will be required to ask for the death penalty. Price isn't sure he can set his personal beliefs aside. McCoy says if Price can't do this, say so and he'll give the case back to the feds.

McCoy's opponent is someone he worked with on the Innocence Project who disapproves of him pushing for the death penalty. She also wants the name of his CI and claims to the judge that maybe the CI doesn't exist. The judge agrees with the defense. He's granting the motion. Disclose their name or he will dismiss the case.

Unsurprisingly, Price is not happy that he had to break his word or that this sets a bad precedent. Maroun thinks they would lose on appeal and so they should get Nelson a deal where he doesn't get the death penalty. Price says they can't do that because of the deal McCoy made.

Jessica is angry and refuses to testify. She doesn't care if she is arrested for violating the subpoena and accuses them of making excuses to manipulate.

Jessica is uncooperative at trial and is declared a hostile witness. The judge is frustrated but doesn't help and the evidence found in the house is thrown ot because of Jessica's lack of cooperation.

Price refuses the offer of getting an AUSA to help. McCoy is angry. If they lose this case, it will ruin their reputation.

Price puts one of the survivors on the stand. She tells her story and the judge, surprisingly, overrules the defense when she tries to stop her from answering whether she was targeted because of her race. She gives a moving testimony and the defense for some reason agrees to stipulate it was a hate crime. Price is skeptical. Now the defense is trying to claim the bigotry is evidence of insanity.

An expert testifies that Nelson blames Asian Americans for COVID etc and that is not rational. He believes Nelson could not understand the wrongful nature of his acts.

Price questions this. This was an organized plan. The expert says that doesn't mean he's sane.  On redirect the expert says that Nelson's racism is delusional disorder/psychosis. The defense attorney starts going on about how wrong it is to sentence a mentally ill person to death. In the elevator she tells Price how she looked at an article he wrote that was anti-death penalty and now he's trying to put a mentally ill man to death. Price tries to tell her it is not about him. It is about the law. She thinks that is a copout.

McCoy heard the psychiatrist was effective. Price says he wouldn't go that far. McCoy wants Price to put on a show of his own to make the jury see t Nelson for the monster he is. Nolan has an idea.

Price takes the jury and jjuduge to the scene of the crime, which has not been cleaned since so there are blood spatters. He talks about the bullets and the victims, focusing on a little boy who died along with his grandmother while on the way to a ball game. He says if Nelson was really suffering from acute mental illness he wouldn't have been able to pull off a crime of this magnitude.

Marhoun calls Price. Jury is back. The jury has not only found Nelson guilty but has agreed to the death penalty.

Price tells Andrea she did a nice job. She's angry that he went through with this. She says he's changed and walks off.


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Law & Order Season 22 Episode 3 Quotes

Cosgrove: Hey, buddy. Where you going?
Man: I don't know anything.
Cosgrove: That's cause we haven't asked you a question yet.

Jack? Yeah, I'm here already and it's a nightmare.