Racial Profiling - Law & Order Season 22 Episode 15
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Shaw is walking down the street when two cops hold him at gunpoint and they decide to try to arrest him because he wants to show them his badge.

Cosgrove shows up and tells them that this is his partner and they're on the way to a murder scene. The cops let Shaw go and say that they thought he was a murder suspect and lots of people say they're cops when they're not. Cosgrove has to stop Shaw from beating them up.

Onto the murder scene. A doctor was killed and it wasn't a robbery.

The patrol officer comes to "apologize" and to say a complaint will hurt his chances at becoming a detective. He threatens Shaw when he won't accept it.

Dixon wonders if the victim was robbed. Shaw is annoyed. She says that she's only spitballing. Also she doesn't know why he was in the meatpacking district and wants the cops to look at a timeline.

A receptionist says Dr. Marshall was a good guy who always asked about her wife and kids. They see someone followed Marshall when he left and that he was talking to a Dr. Hopkins.

Hopkins says he doesn't know how he can help. He didn't know Marshall very well. He says they were cordial but seems nervous and claims he has to get back to his patients. However, the cops know that Hopkins is on administrative leave thanks to Marshall. He wants a lawyer. They take him to the precinct.

Hopkins' lawyer says Hopkins will be exonerated and Marshall's patients didn't like Marshall so Marshall made up stories. Hopkins admits he hated Marshall but he didn't kill him.

Hopkins' alibi checks out. He was at the theatre watching Othello with his wife.

Violet says Marshall took a ride share to a condo two blocks from the crime scene.

On the way, Cosgrove says that cops have long memories but he's white so this crap doesn't happen to him. However, he will back Shaw if he decides to press charges.

The cops talk to a woman who says her boyfriend was jealous of Marshall and left when he saw three plates in the sink. They talk to the guy, Greg, who says that Marshall was always interfering in his relationship but he didn't kill him. He went back to his office and uploaded crime stats to his app. He has surveillance cameras and witnesses.

Greg's alibi is confirmed. There were also three robberies in the area, according to the app. Two were irrelevant. The cops are about to check out the third.

The victim says he already told the cops what he knew. They explain it is connected to a murder. The victim gets nervous. He says he gave the mugger his phone and wallet and then they knocked him out. He gives a description of the guy who knocked him out that is very detailed and specific. He says he thought he was going to die and knows nothing about the murder.

Shaw updates Dixon who says to check door cam footage and then wants to talk to him privately. She says she got a call from the patrol officers' union rep. He is claiming that Shaw broke rules by not getting on the ground. She says that he has to understand what he's getting into. The department is still stuck in 1974 when it comes to this and if he complains it will destroy his career.  Shaw says he's not scared and won't back down.

Violet can't find anyone who fits Burke duescription. But surveillance video shows Burke returning to his apartment after the murder.

The cops question Burke again. They know he did it. His lawyer says he is a victim. Shaw isn't having it.

Burke now claims self-defense. He says that Marshall had a gun so he hit him and ran away. And his lawyer said to do nothing.

Shaw tells Burke that Marshall was not holding a gun -- he was holding a cell phone -- and Burke left him to die.

An internal affairs guy comes to talk to Shaw. He says the patrol officers filed a complaint against him. He thinks Shaw should let things slide. He's sure if Shaw drops his complaint they will drop theirs. He says nothing happened so why make a big deal out of it? It  makes us (Black people? or cops?) look bad.

Price thinks Burke might have a case for self-defense. Shaw says Burke was afraid because Marshall was Black. Price says he is only talking about how weak this murder case is. Shaw says he learned recently that Black people are seen as guilty in too many people's eyes. If Burke killing a man because of his skin color isn't enough for a murder charge, what is he doing here?

McCoy says people are calling him saying to not indict Burke who is a good man and not a racist. Price says Shaw made a compelling case. He feels he has to try this case. Otherwise he is sending the message that it's okay to assault and kill Black men because you're scared?

Burke's lawyer wants to meet. He says he panicked and is not a racist. He says he got an alert on his phone that a suspicious person in the area, and it said be careful of a dangerous Black man in the area and had a photo of Dr. Marshall.

Shaw looks and sees that someone posted a photo of Marshall and said he was armed and dangerous. They find out a racist named Deluca does this often and that Black people have been attacked over posts he makes before.

De Luca claims he's doing a public service. Shaw says he's out of line and that he is asking people to take the law into their own hands. He arrests De Luca for manslaughter.

Price confronts Shaw about making this arrest without consulting him and he wants Shaw to leave the prosecuting to him. Shaw says De Luca incited Burke to violence and he has to be held accountable.

McCoy asks if Price can try both cases together. He says Price can prove that De Luca made the posts. Price says he'd be sacrificing the murder case for a weaker case. McCoy says he should prosecute the one he thinks is most culpable.

Burke testifies. Burke says he was scared of Marshall after seeing what De Luca posted.

De Luca's attorney says that Burke killed Marshall. Burke wishes he could take it back. Attorney says he is blaming someone else.

Shaw is called next. He testifies as to the damage De Luca is done. The defense attorney asks if he knows about these apps and then bothers him about the complaint against him and says his own department has taken action against him and says that he is charging a white man with homicide because he was racially profiled.

Price is annoyed that Shaw didn't tell him about this. Cosgrove says let's move on. Anyway they need to prove DE Luca is not a hero and that he is racist. All that's on De Luca's social media is real estate stuff. Cosgrove notices something.

De Luca claims he is trying to make the streets safer and he had no idea anyone would die.

Price asks De Luca about his real estate. He says that De Luca has been making false crime reports to drive down prices so he can buy buildings at a low price and flip them. He has evidence. He shows that De Luca made posts warning of crime and then bought buildings in the area at low cost.

The jury is back. They find De Luca guilty. De Luca looks shocked. Price nods at Shaw.

Dixon congratulates Shaw. She says she got a call that IA has decided Shaw's allegations are unsubstantiated but they are suspending him for a week without pay for not complying with the cops' orders.

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Law & Order Season 22 Episode 15 Quotes

Cosgrove: Ugh. Smells like he took a bath in Merlot.
Cop: That bottle over there was probably the murder weapon.

Cop: We thought he was a murder suspect.
Shaw: Why? Why the hell did you think that?