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A man is stocking inventory in a back room when he hears a noise and goes to investigate. He goes out onto a dark street and chases after a guy in a hoodie.

The man is then found dead. He was an ex-con who served four years for selling weed.

The only surveillance video is unclear. ALl they can tell is that the perp was 6 feet tall. He had a ring with a stone in it. DNA was on the body but the lab is backed up. Phone records shows Stanton kept calling a guy named Jordan Spall who didn't pick up. Another ex-con who was doing time for assault.

Parole and prison records show Spall and Stanton fought in prison. Spall runs away when the cops try to stop him to talk and hides in a flea market stand, causing Shaw to scare a woman who is buying blankets. Eventually they catch him in a stand full of baskets.

Spall claims he ran because he had weed. He claims he didn't know Derek was dead. When they threaten to report him to his parole officer he says Derek was doing illegal deals with people.

A guy who works at the place where Derek worked says Derek was going to open a pizza shop and help other ex-cons. Derek was trying to make amends and keep his nose clean. Spent lots of time with his daughter too.

The cops talk to Derek's ex and give her the news. The daughter is very upset. Mom and daughter are in a shelter because the mom's current husband is violent. He fought with Derek the last time he was at the house.

William denies it all. He never laid a hand on Derek though he wanted to. He went for a walk last night. He asks for a lawyer.

Surveillance video shows William never crossed paths with Derek and didn't go to the pizzeria.They find video of a guy throwing rocks and realize he is the killer.

Cosgrove says it looks like the kid was throwing rocks for some reason and Stanton chased him. A guy at a cannabis sales place saw the suspect and gives them a name: Kyle Brenner. The kid, Kyle, didn't do it and says he was with a kid named Jesse. He has a weed card for anxiety. Jesse wanted to get high so they bought some dabs and went to a diner and then he took a Uber home at 1:08 AM but Jesse didn't want to go home and ran off.

Jesse Erison is the son of an investment banker and book editor, top athlete and top student, just got a good citizenship award -- this doesn't make sense.

Jesse's parents can't believe this is true. Jesse  is playing video games and has a broken hand. His father tells hi m not to talk to the cops as he is arrested.

Maroun says at arraignment that she thinks bail should be denied because he is a flight risk. The defense attorney says Jesse was fighting back against a criminal. The judge sets bail at 2 million which the parents can pay.

Derek's daughter is very upset at how her dad is being painted. Maroun knows what it's like to lose a family member. Sandra wants to know who will stand up for her father? Maroun promises she will.

Maroun gets yellow roses because it is the anniversary of her sister's death. Price says that the defense will push self-defense. Maroun is angry that Derek is seen as the villain because he sold weed and is Black. Price says there is no motive. He thinks they should plead Jesse out. Maroun says that's because he's rich and white. PRice says this is the case they are trying. McCoy says they have to be aware of the optics. Price says he will try the case. McCoy says they will have to overcome the defense painting Derek as responsible for his own murder.

Price wants to call character witnesses. The defense attorney says only defense attorneys can call character witnesses and the judge agrees. Meanwhile the defense is allowed to call a ton of character witnesses for Jesse. Price says why did Jesse suddenly beat a stranger to death? Maroun doesn't think that matters. Price says it does. Maroun says they should focus on the horror of what he did.

The ME testifies as to the brutality of the injuries. Derek's daughter is sobbing and has to leave. The defense asks her if she knows whether it was self-defense. She doesn't. On redirect, Price has her say there were no defensive wounds, tox screen clear, etc.

Price thinks they need more witnesses. Maroun doesn't think so. Price is still bothered that there is no motive. Defense is trying an insanity plea now -- cannabis intoxication.

Price argues against this. Thorpe says the kid didn't know it would cause psychosis and how potent it was. Thorpe has a psychiatrist to back him up so the judge agrees.

The DA office's psychiatrist says it's possible that marijuana that is this potent can cause psychosis.

Price thinks they should offer a deal. Maroun does not agree. Price says their own doctor thinks it is possible. McCoy says the defendant knew he was underage. Price says no one thinks weed is an illicit drug and they should make a deal. McCoy says no. Price says then Maroun should take over since she believes this is Murder 2 and Price doesn't.

Jesse takes the stand and says he started hallucinating and feeling paranoid which is why he threw rocks. He thought Stanton was going to kill him. It felt real at the time so he hit him.

Maroun cross examines, taking her time to get up. Jesse feels awful for what he has done. Maroun says he has not expressed remorse before. Jesse says his lawyer and dad told him not to. He's not a bad person. He wishes he could take it back. He keeps blaming his family for his actions. He says he is so sorry for what he did and cries on the stand. Maroun worries she went too far.

Price thinks Maroun is doing great, but the facts are the facts and the jury wants a reason so if they don't get a motive they won't get a conviction. Maroun has been looking for one. Price says Erickson has not mentioned college and that makes no sense given his position.

The guidance counselor says Jesse is taking a year off to build a school in Kenya and has never been violent, racist, etc. He is sure it is the cannabis. Why is she so determined to ruin Jesse's life?

Price admits he also wonders if this is personal. She thinks Jesse is a monster despite the evidence. Maroun says the crime was brutal. Price still thinks they should go for manslaughter. Maroun says it is not enough for what he did. Price asks if this has something to do with her sister's death.  Jesse resembles the man who killed Maroun's sister. He says he is wrong and he is sorry.

Maroun looks at a photo of herself and her sister at her mom's. Her mom is surprised she is here on a workday. She tells her mom she thought it would get easier. Her mother says the pain lets her know she is still alive.  Maroun is angry that her sister's killer was never arrested. Her mother advises her to stop thinking about it. Focus on what Christina was like and forget the hatred and frustration. She is glad she has come bmy.

Maroun makes the plea deal. Price was right that they couldn't win this case.

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Law & Order Season 22 Episode 11 Quotes

Jordan Spall? Hasn't missed an appointment, hasn't failed a urine test, hasn't re-offended. At least not yet.

Parole officer

Shaw: Our man had quite a rap sheet. Just got out of Fishill.
Cosgrove: What was he in for?
Shaw: Selling marijuana. He just did four years.
Cosgrove: Four years for selling weed? Crazy.
Shaw: Yep.
Cosgrove: Crimes have changed.