On Law & Order Season 22 Episode 5, the investigation into a law student's murder exposes a web of lies, deceit, and extortion after a professor is implicated.


Law & Order Season 22 Episode 5 revolves around the murder of a student that was blackmailing a professor.

When law student James Pell is found dead in the water by the boathouse, the cops don't have any leads at first. Their investigation quickly reveals that the victim was a loathsome individual who, among other things, posted naked photos of his ex to get revenge on her. He also got into a fight with another student who resented that a renowned professor helped Pell become an editor of the Law Review when he didn't deserve it.

Shaw is disappointed to hear this, as Professor Nichols is one of his idols. Nichols quickly shoots down the idea that he and Pell were having an affair and the cops soon learn that Pell was blackmailing Nichols. Nichols once said a slur against gay people and Pell had a video. They suspect that Nichols killed Pell to get out from under his thumb.

The cops have only circumstantial evidence,but after talking to a nanny they find out that Nichols was home the morning of the murder and his wife was not. His wife is arrested.

At trial, the defense attorney gets the video evidence excluded as marital privilege, but Price finds a way around it. However, Nichols throws a monkey wrench into things when he confesses to the murder on the stand.

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On Law & Order Season 22 Episode 5, Cosgrove and Shaw piece together the clues of what happened to a murdered law student, uncovering blackmail and lies.

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Law & Order Season 22 Episode 5 Quotes

Shaw: He was a law student, intelligent, charismatic. Who would want to kill a guy like that?
Cosgrove: Today, just about anybody.

Cosgrove: You see anything unusual?
Man: Yeah, a dead guy.