On Law & Order Season 22 Episode 11, Maroun has a hard time separating the case she is trying from the tragedy her family suffered when her sister died.


Law & Order Season 22 Episode 11 revolves around the death of an ex-convict.

When Derek Stanton sees someone throwing rocks at his pizzeria, he chases the culprit, only to lose his life. Stanton is found beaten brutally to death, and it turns out he was trying to get his life back together after serving four years in prison for selling weed.

The cops' investigation eventually leads to a prep school kid who seemed to have it all going for him: he was a top athlete, top student, and had recently won a citizenship award. The victim's daughter is upset that the defense is painting her father as a monster when he was the victim. Maroun promises to honor his memory by winning the case.

Given the lack of motive, Price isn't sure they can make their case, especially when the defense claims that the defendant did it because some potent weed made him psychotic.

Maroun tries the case, but her cross-examination of the defendant only makes him appear more sympathetic to the jury, and when she tries to find a motive, a guidance counselor accuses her of a personal vendetta. Price suspects that Maroun is upset because the case reminds her of her sister's murder.

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On Law & Order Season 22 Episode 11, when an ex-con is found beaten to death, Detectives Cosgrove and Shaw end up arresting an unlikely culprit.

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Law & Order Season 22 Episode 11 Quotes

Jordan Spall? Hasn't missed an appointment, hasn't failed a urine test, hasn't re-offended. At least not yet.

Parole officer

Shaw: Our man had quite a rap sheet. Just got out of Fishill.
Cosgrove: What was he in for?
Shaw: Selling marijuana. He just did four years.
Cosgrove: Four years for selling weed? Crazy.
Shaw: Yep.
Cosgrove: Crimes have changed.