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Alaric sends the teens to investigate Mystic Falls High school when a group of students go missing. 

Along the way, one of them reappears with a supposed vampire bite. It's Dana, and Kaleb is put in the frame. 

While it seems like Dana is transitioning into a vampire she quickly falls apart into a pile of mush when a spider appears. 

M.G. realizes this is all happening thanks to his comic book. 

Meanwhile, Rafael fights with members of the wolf pack, and goes to the barn to cool off, but he and Josie find themselves caught in a spider's web with Sasha. 

The only way to get magic is to kiss Rafael to siphon it, and that's what she does. 

Hope, Lizzie, and Landon show up when they realize that Conor is the villain in all of this and make the spider explode. 

Lizzie and Josie tell Alaric that the school needs to be teaching darker magic so they can save themselves. Alaric reluctantly says he will look into it. 

Hope shows up to apologize to Landon, but he shuts her down, saying she's just like the rest of the girls at the school. 

Dorian is summoned to return with the knife because being away is not helping, but he's ambushed by a mummified corpse. 

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Legacies Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I was making an entrance, mop head.


Teenager: Is this loser bothering you?
Hope: He keeps trying to get me to buy his mixtape.
Teenager: Well, we're just going to lunch. You hungry?
Hope: Famished.

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