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Hope tells the story about what happened in the few days we missed. 

Landon is in a coffee shop, and confronts his mother. The next thing we know, he is in her house, and she's poisoned him. 

She wants to know who or what he is and gets an iron out to melt his face if he lies to her. 

Despite his best attempts, she doesn't believe him. 

The pair then go on the run to a motel when a creature attacks them. Hope and Alaric show up, and Seylah reveals that she worked for a government company called Triad. 

She tracked down creatures who were going to expose themselves to the world. She was thrown into Malivore when she realized her mind was being wiped and reappeared pregnant two years later. 

Seylah then killed herself in Malivore, wiping herself from existence. But Hope remembered everything and filled Alaric in on it. 

The latter allowed Landon to stay at the school. Hope and Landon also grew closer after everything that happened. 

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Legacies Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Tell me where he is before I blow your head off.


My first kiss was with a 90-year-old vampire who helped murder my mother.