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Hope watches local boys vandalizing vans at the school. Emma chats with Hope about her using black magic to search for Landon; she doesn't reveal that she used magic with Josie. She's mad and pulls a spell from a magic book.

Lizzie chastises Josie about using black magic; she was alerted by her throwing up black goo. Penelope teases Josie about her burning her hair with a spell.

Alaric has to cancel attending the flag football game. Josie and Lizzie are upset, especially since Josie is quarterback and wants her dad there.

Rafael fixes the car and wants to help find Landon. Hope uses her powers to show Rafael what Landon did on the bus; Alaric agrees to let Rafael come.

Lizzie thinks her dad loves Hope more than them. She plans to keep up their secret with the townies to impress him.

Alaric, Hope, and Rafael find a woman in the woods; she's in shock from the bus attack.

Josie tells one of her teammates that they need to lose the game. One of the rival school team members, Dana, teases Lizzie.

Rafael tells Hope that Landon helped him when his girlfriend died. Rafael will help Hope get back the knife, but he knows all her distant attitude.

Landon is hiding in a cellar; Rafael wants to help him, but Hope uses her powers to keep him pinned. He warns of the woman he saw earlier since she took the knife. The woman is with Alaric and she shoots fire from her mouth to run from him.

Josie, M. G., and Lzzie purposely stink at the flag football game. Penelope offers to help M. G. get Lizzie in exchange for a favor. M. G. makes a touchdown at the game.

The woman in the woods is a pyromancer.

Landon tries to make his case; he doesn't remember how he took the knife. The group, along with Alaric, work together to find the pyromancerin the woods. She's waiting outside of the cellar to collect more items. The group runs into hiding when Landon reveals he had the knife all along.

The group finds items from the dead people on the bus in the cellar.

After Dana calls Lizzie crazy and off-her-meds, Lizzie changes gameplan and wants to win the flag football game. The team uses their powers to excel and tie the match.

The woman is revealed to be a human dragon instead of a pyromancer. Hope plans to use the knife to slay the dragon. Her powers repel the flames and Rafael stakes the blade into the dragon.

Josie guilts everyone into losing the match, but Lizzie doesn't want to give up. Penelope pitches the game win the match fair and square; they all agree.

The dragon isn't dead. It sheds it's former body and flees the scene. Hope and Alaric stay behind to fight off the dragon when it returns.

The Salvatore school loses the game after Josie recites an incantation at the last moment.

Hope uses a dark spell to defeat the dragon and return it to human form. Before she's able to blow fire, Alarcis stabs and kills the woman.

A fight breaks out between both teams after the game.

Alaric is mad at Hope for using and having the death spell. Regardless of what Landon did, he doesn't think it was worth have it.

Penelope thinks the team losing was a win for M. G. She just wants to watch the world burn.

Josie reveals to Lizzie that she used black magic with Hope. Lizzie doesn't want her sister to keep secrets from each other.

Landon and Rafael run away. Landon leaves Hope a letter promising to keep her secret.

Alaric makes sure the school gates are locked. One of the nearby gargoyle statues is actually a demon.

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Legacies Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Hope: Why should I believe you?
Rafael: ‘Cause I don’t lie.
[Hope stifles a giggle and nods]
Hope: Everybody lies.

Rafael: He’s not lying. I know him, if he says there’s a fire-breathing woman running through the woods. Then there is a fire...
Alaric: [Interrupting] There’s a fire-breathing woman running through the woods!
[Hope is speechless and Landon falls down relieved]
Alaric: Did I or did I not say don’t engage?!
Hope: He’s only dangerous if crappy apologies could count.
Alaric: Well, looks can be deceiving. Now our bus refugee ... turns out she’s a pyromancer.
Landon: What’s a pyromancer?
Hope: A fire-breathing witch.