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A unicorn shows up at the school and everyone thinks it's safe.

However, it starts to infect everyone in the school with slugs that control minds ... all with the aim of grabbing the urn. 

Alaric and Emma played hooky when they thought the school was safe. 

They got drunk and kissed each other. It later emerged that Emma was under the impression of one of the slugs. 

She and Alaric managed to save the school. 

In the end, it emerged that she was in a relationship with Dorian. 

Things took a turn when Alaric didn't realize a slug was in his whiskey glass, and he was the one to give the urn back. 

With that, he completed part two of Malivore. 

He called Emma to tell her, but he was still under the impression of the slug. 

Rafael grew more jealous of Hope and Landon and made that clear when he had the slug in his mind. 

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Legacies Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Hope: Hey, wait.
Dorian: It's a monster, Hope.
Hope: You're not seriously suggesting we kill a unicorn.

Landon: So, Lizzie's acting weird.
Rafael: She's not the only one.
Hope: Babe, we should do a talent.
Landon: What? You and me?
Hope: I never wanted to before because I would have to do it alone, but now I have you. And we make up our own faction. The tribrid and you.