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Hope makes her way into Josie's head. 

She meets with a pig who tells her not to use magic because it fuels the wolf's abilities. 

This does not sit well with Hope. 

After a cat and mouse game, we learn Josie is inside the pig to supress her powers. 

Dark Josie turns Hope to stone and fights with Josie. 

Josie wins the battle and returns to the world. 

Rafael complains to Alaric that the Necromancer is forcing him to do things and that he killed Landon. 

Alaric makes a deal with the Necromancer to save everyone in exchange for ridding the world of Dark Josie. 

The plan works, but Hope and Landon don't wake up. Alyssa gets to return, as does Rafael. 

Meanwhile, Lizzie tries to orchestrate the perfect funeral to get herself back on everyone's minds, so she takes on the form of Hope. 

In the end, M.G. tries to do his best because people don't want to speak about her. But he manages to get everyone to agree that Lizzie was a good person. 

Everyone seems surprised but happy when Lizzie returns from the dead. 

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Legacies Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

I was afraid of being strong. I thought being strong meant hurting Lizzie. I told myself that being powerful meant being evil, but it doesn’t. Hope is strong, and she’s good. You made a story — I made a story — where I was powerless. But that’s not true!


I know this is a fairytale and all, but a nonconsensual kiss is never the answer.