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Josie returned to the school and was adamant that she was bringing the merge forward. 

She wanted to kill Lizzie on her 17th birthday. 

Lizzie worried about dying and she got ready to skip town with M.G. but they returned at the last minute. 

Josie murdered Alyssa and got ready to murder Hope. Lizzie saved her. 

The merge played out and Josie seemingly won, but we later learned that Lizzie won and Hope went into Josie's head to find the light. 

Rafael realized that he was dead all along and that Chad murdered him at the bus stop. 

The Necromancer had been using him since to do his bidding. This caused a whole whost of problems. 

Rafael ultimately murdered Landon with the Golden Arrow. 

Alaric went into the box to find out more information and he met Kaleb along the way. 

They had to put the drama aside to find out the truth before it was too late. 

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