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Josie has a sex dream about Jade, but Dark Josie arrives to cause problems. 

Emma tells the students she is sending them into an alternate reality to work through their trauma. 

Once there, however, someone starts killing them. When they die, they wake up in the real world. 

Everyone starts to think it's Josie when Vardemus dies and writes it down. However, it turns out it is Dark Josie. 

Dark Josie tells Lizzie she is rewriting the rules and will keep her in the alternate reality and the merge will be hers to complete. 

Hope saves Lizzie and they return to the real world. Josie is locked up, but the darkness overcomes her, destroys the school and takes off. 

She also puts Hope in a coma. 

Emma and Dorian leave the school behind to start a new life that they want to live, well away from everyone else. 

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Legacies Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Emma: Does anyone have any questions?
Lizzie: Yeah, I have a question. What the hell is she doing here?

Jade: Hi, uh sorry I'm late. Weird dreams.
Emma: You're just in time, Jade. Don't worry. What we're about to do here is merely a simulation, and I'll be there as well. I promise to keep a careful eye on all of you.