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Josie is filled with dark magic and Alaric worries. Jade reveals that she can help with Lizzie from a distance and that she will talk Alaric through saving the girls.

Lizzie is saved and Josie switches on Jade's humanity, leading to her being normal all over again.

Josie and Alaric round everyone up and realize that the prison world will soon be destroyed.

Hope appears by astral projection to tell everyone Kai is at the school. Josie says someone needs to stay behind as anchor and Alaric agrees to.

In the end, Alaric is saved by Sebastian who sends him home and becomes the anchor.

Tensions mount when the prison world starts to fall apart because Kai has been unlinked from it.

Lizzie tries to tell Sebastian to get to the pit to escape, but his fate is left up in the air.

Hope takes Kai away from the school to learn that he was playing her and that Landon is in danger, as well as the Saltzmans.

Things take a turn and Landon tries to save Dorian, but Dorian is shot by the arrow.

Landon takes Dorian back to the school.

Alaric beheads Kai, leading to an epiphany.

Wendy and Jade settle back into life at the school, while Josie's dark magic returns.

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