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Hope found herself stuck in an astral projection in New Orleans, where she was greeted one by one by her family. Rebekah, Freya, Marcel, and Kol banded together to help Hope turn her humanity back on. They used the death of her father as a means of doing so, telling her they decided she should be the one to choose where to spread Klaus' ashes. Hope was unfazed and irritable at first, but soon her composure began to crack and she saw her humanity again. They fought, Hope's humanity winning, but her humanity-less self is still looming. Meanwhile, Kaleb brought Cleo to his hometown of Atlanta to meet an old psychic friend. Kaleb believed his friend could help Cleo with her powers. Instead, Cleo saw the future, and it wasn't bright. The other failed plan of the episode was Lizzie and Aurora working with Ben to awaken Kronos. Ben knocked out Aurora and stole the key and his family sarcophagi, overcome by the desire to resurrect his dead lover. At the Salvatore School, Alaric sent MG to prepare the students for a war with the gods, while he spoke to the old vampire hunter version of himself for clarity. Jen convinced Lizzie to go home, reuniting her with her father and MG at the end of the episode. 

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Legacies Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Well, going to extremes for the people we love is kind of our business model. So what do you say? Are we hiring?


Rebekah: Everything that can be lost may also be found.
Hope: Oh, you'd better hope so because you're about to be missing some teeth.