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Cleo showed Kaleb her frightful visions of their future. He tried to assure her that they could change it, but Jen told them Cleo was an oracle, seeing a set future. Jed prompted her to see another terrible fate, Kaleb's head in Ben's hands, so Alaric decided it was time to evacuate the school. MG brought Hope blood to drink in the dungeon. She apologized for all she had done but told him to keep her locked up until she's sure her dark side is gone for good. When Lizzie visited her to talk, they fought about their mistakes, Lizzie storming off, but Lizzie returned to help Hope. They performed a spell that rid Hope of her darkness, just in time for her to help the school defeat Ken, who came to collect Jen. Lizzie and Hope failed, both left in bad shape. Ben explained to Jed why he woke his father and told Jed he loved him, but Jed was not moved by the declaration. Meanwhile, Landon and the Necromancer met their coin bandit, none other than Landon's mother Seylah. Seylah revealed she knew Landon was in Limbo all along, but she assumed he'd forgotten her after she jumped into Malivore, not knowing of Josie's spell. Landon helped Seylah get to peace. He said goodbye to his mother, but hello to Hope, who appeared in Limbo after her fight with Ken. 

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Legacies Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

MG: I'll grab you a few more of these.
Hope: Oh, and more clothes. Something a little less...
MG: Terminator Hope?

Kaleb: There's no future except for the one that we make for ourselves.
Cleo: I wish I shared your confidence.
Kaleb: So share. There's plenty to go around.