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Hope and Landon worked together to leave Limbo after a sweet, romantic reunion. Hope scythed the ferryman to give them time to figure out a plan. When they went to the Necromancer for additional assistance, he sent Landon back to the land of the living so that he could be with Seylah, unaware of her departure to peace. The Ferryman took Landon back to Limbo. Landon convinced Hope to leave Limbo without him so she could help their friends. Lizzie approached MG and Ethan to help Ethan get his powers under control as a way of apologizing to them through actions rather than words. As she and MG gathered data, she badgered him about his anger toward her. He revealed it was love, not anger, that he felt. Back at the Salvatore School, Ben chatted with Alaric, who eventually released Ben to help them fight. Meanwhile, Aurora was released from her shackles by Ken, who manipulated her with his power and seductive words, saying he might have her rule beside him someday. Luckily, after learning Ken would not resurrect Tristan, Aurora decided to leave Ken to fight on his own. Ken found her again to show her his side of the story, turning the tables once more, Aurora fully joining his side. 

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Legacies Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Alaric: Then why'd you do it?
Ben: Love, I think.
Alaric: Well, then that's the first thing about you that I understand.

Hope: This is why we can't have nice things.
Landon: Well, in his defense, he just got back from ferrying my mom to peace.
Hope: Then you have some explaining to do.