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Hope had a vivid dream in which her humanity told her it was getting stronger, but instead of dealing with that, she enlisted Vardemus to help them devise a plan to beat the gods. With Vardemus' simulation game, they were able to try out different strategies. They learned that without Lizzie, their probability of winning becomes zero, so they worked out how to save her early on. Hope continued to see her humanity, but she made ruthless moves in the game regardless, and she still lost, discovering the only way to win was to turn her humanity back on. Meanwhile, Lizzie and Aurora bribed Jen into feeding them information about her siblings. Jen revealed that her father Ken cast her out when she would not forge weapons for the gods, so she lived alone in her cave, creating. One day, Ken visited her, asking for her help. She deceived him and the others, locking them up in sarcophagi. She then let Ben and the key to the sarcophagi be devoured by Malevore, so Lizzie and Aurora knocked out Ben to get the key. In Limbo, Landon and the Necromancer were stationed at a stand to help people get to peace, until the Necromancer got them fired. Their new job was several steps down, cleaning the floors and bathrooms of the Jinni's bar. They got kidnapped at the end of the episode. 

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Legacies Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

What my antiquated friend is trying to say is we heard the gods are into offerings, so we brought a bribe. Shrimp tacos and some special brownies.


Alaric: Call me paranoid, but I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop.
MG: Unless there's not another shoe.
Alaric: There's always another shoe.