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The Super Squad tells Hope she needs to relinquish control, and she lets them deal with the next phase.

This involves getting Clark out of the hospital and he wants his medical bills paid.

He is putting Malivore into himself. The plan fails and he rushes off from the school but becomes a monster.

Hope removes the darkness from him and lets him leave town, but not before he tells her Alaric is lying to her.

Meanwhile, Cleo and Landon unite inside the Malivore pit and Landon tells her she needs to watch her thoughts around the villain.

Lizzie gets closer to Ethan and M.G. gets jealous.

Ethan goes back to the school and Malivore grabs him and takes him with him.

He seemingly kills Ethan outside in the truck.

Alaric is shocked when Hope confronts him because she believes everyone is causing problems in her life and not speaking back to her about it.

Finch dumps Josie because she thinks they are going too hard, too soon, and too much is going on in Josie's life.

Josie cries.

Josie was a badass throughout the episode, using some of her biggest magic to date, but where will she go from here?

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Legacies Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Ethan: Why didn't you just take the truck?
Malivore: Who said I wanted the truck?

Ask Alaric about Landon.