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An opening montage shows the young life of David Haller, who is diagnosed with mental illness, leading to a suicide attempt.

David's sister Amy visits him in the Clockworks mental hospital.

David is talking to his friend Lenny when he sees Syd for the 1st time. 

David has an awkward first meeting with Syd.

David has a bad dream, which brings forth a telekinetic episode.

David meets Syd in group therapy, and becomes enthralled with her. He asks her to be his girlfriend, and she accepts, telling him that he can never touch her. He agrees.

Flash forward to David being interrogated about an incident at Clockworks.

David tells an interrogator about a suicide attempt in his past.

David tells the Interrogator about what happened at Clockworks, which resulted in the death of his friend Lenny.

Syd tells David that she's being released the next day, and David is devastated.

David resists being tested by the shadowy organization that has him in custody.

David relents, and tells them about what happened at Clockworks. 

David kisses Syd before she leaves, and they switch bodies. Syd freaks out, and unknowingly uses David's telekinetic powers, which results in the death of Lenny. 

David uses his abilities in an failed escape attempt.

David hallucinates an encounter with Lenny, and wakes up under a major threat by his captors. 

Syd uses her powers to free David.

Syd and David profess their love for each other.

Syd introduces David to Melanie Bird, the leader of the group that rescued Syd and David.







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Legion Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Something new needs to happen - soon.


David: It's just Thursday. Like the 260th Thursday as a passenger on the cruise ship "Mental Health." On the plus side I've mastered eating with a spoon.
Amy: You're getting better. The voices - you're not seeing things that aren't there?