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David is taken to Summerland, the place where Melanie Bird's group will try and help David.

Melanie trains David to turn down the voices in his head so he can harness his abilities.

The group does a sort of memory regression therapy to identify the cause of his powers.

David watches a memory of his father reading him a scary bedtime story, which caused his powers to first manifest.

David is in another memory, later in life during a session with a psychiatrist. 

David leaves the office and meets up with Lenny, and together they score some of a drug called Vapor.

David wakes up, and talks to Ptonomy about his purpose.

David and Syd discuss the body switch that resulted in the death of Lenny.

David goes into an MRI machine for testing on his brain. 

David hallucinates about Lenny again, this time going home and doing the drug Vapor with her.

Ptonomy and Melanie find a memory glitch inside David's session with the psychiatrist, where he was blocking out the use of his powers after a breakup with his girlfriend.

David talks to Syd, and realizes that he can read her thoughts.

David has memories while inside the MRI machine, causing the readings to go haywire.

David now has visions of the present in real time, of his sister going to Clockworks and demanding to see David. She is taken into a room and interrogated by The Eye, a Division 3 agent.

David get so upset that he teleports the MRI machine to outside the facility.

David tries to leave Summerland to try and help his sister, but Syd talks him out of it. 





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Legion Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Ptonomy: Melanie thinks you're the key.
David: To what?
Ptonomy: To winning: the war, and other things.

Melanie: David, your whole life people told you that were sick. What if I told you that's a lie? What if I told you, every memory you have of mental illness: voices, hallucinations, was just your power? And what if I could do more than just tell you? What if I could show you? Help you re-write the story of your life?