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Oliver, Melanie's husband, and founder of Summerland, is introduced, and begins the story.

Syd tries to wake David, but he is still sedated and won't wake up. He is having memories and visions while under.

Melanie sends Syd, Ptonomy, and Kerry out in the real world to verify David's memories, to see if they are memories at all.

Ptonomy believes that David can create an astral plane, a safe space where he can exist in his mind.

Ptonomy and Syd go back to Dr. Poole's office to reconstruct the memory.

Amy is shown in a cell at Division 3, where she realizes that David's doctor, Mr. Kissinger, is in a cell as well.

Amy tells the doctor that David as a child always talked to a dog named King, but they never had a dog. 

Kerry explains to Syd that she shares the body of Dr. Loudermilk, and they co-exist until they separate into two beings.

Melanie sees a man in an old fashioned diving suit until it fades away.

Melanie and Loudermilk walk inside an ice covered room, and a frozen man in a diving suit lies on a slab. It is Oliver, Melanie's husband, and founder of Summerland.

David becomes conscious in a strange place, and is led by Diving suit man to the inside of a giant ice rock.

The man takes off the suit, and we discover that he is Oliver Bird. 

The room has ice walls, but the furnishings suggest the 1960's. 

Oliver tells David that he's trapped in an astral plane, where nothing is real.

He also tells him the Yellow eyed demon is a parasite in his mind, changing his thoughts and memories to avoid detection.

Syd and Ptonomy meet Philly, David's ex-girlfriend, and she tells them where Dr. Poole is living.

Philly tells the gang that the friend of David was a man named Benny, not Lenny. So it appears Lenny is a made up memory.

The gang goes to the lighthouse where Poole lives.

Poole turns out to be The Eye, and he pursues Syd and Ptonomy upstairs. Bullets don't injure The Eye, and he's about to capture Syd, when she touches him and they switch bodies.

Kerry fights Division 3 troops, and Dr. Loudermilk feels the pain when Kerry is beaten.

Syd, in the body of The Eye, tries to escape with her crew.

David argues with Lenny in the astral plane.

Lenny makes David channel his anger to escape from the astral plane, and during this we learn that Lenny is in fact Yellow Eyes.

David reemerges in the real world to save Syd, not knowing that she changed bodies with The Eye.

Syd switched back to her body as David is holding her, and The Eye shoots Kerry. Back at the lab, Dr. Loudermilk feels the gunshot and bleeds.

As David watches the scene, an astral projection of Lenny grabs David from behind.



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Legion Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

There is something inside David's memories that he does not want us to see.


Syd: What was real? That was the mission. We had seen things: heard things. But could we believe our eyes? Could David?