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The gang is back in Clockworks, with Lenny as the doctor, and everyone else as mental patients.

Lenny tells Melanie she is the one frozen in her life, unable to move from the loss of Oliver.

Ptonomy is next, and he recounts witnessing his mother's death as a child.

The Loudermilks are next, as Lenny tells them their relationship is unhealthy.

Syd tells Lenny that the whole situation seems like a dream to her.

Syd sees a door in Clockworks that wasn't there before. She is suspicious.

In this version of David's reality, he thinks he is manic depressive, not schizophrenic. 

In a rousing fantasy sequence, Lenny romps through all of the places in David's mind.

Syd dreams of the last encounter with yellow eyes.

Syd asks the gang if they've seen the mystery door, but no one else has.

The Eye confronts Kerry, threatening her.

Cary sees the ice world of Oliver, meeting the man in the diving suit.

David tells Syd she is schizophrenic, and she adamantly disagrees.

Syd has flashes of her real memories, and is confronted by Lenny.

Lenny puts headphones on Syd, which puts her into a trance like state.

Kerry wakes up, to find Cary has disappeared.

The Eye threatens Kerry again.

David finally sees Syd's mystery door.

Melanie prays, and sees Oliver in the diving suit.

He shows her the last scene before David sent everyone into the astral plane. She attempts to stop the bullets from striking Syd and David, but can't.

She tries to move Syd and David, but can't.

Lenny reveals that she is Yellow Eyes to David. 

Cary, now in the diving suit, wakes Syd up from her trance.




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Legion Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Ptonomy: Everyone loves dogs.
David: Not me.

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Look, I know you're just trying to help, but this just doesn't for some reason feel real.

Syd [to Lenny]