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David floats through the desert singing The Who's "Behind Blue Eyes." The Shadow King and David fight inside their minds. Lenny hits the choker and David and the Shadow King lose their powers, David then looks poised to take out Amahl Farouk. Melanie and Oliver are hiding in Oliver's mental ice cube on the astral plane to avoid the end of the world. David is wailing on Farouk when Sydney interrupts them, wanting to talk. Sydney holds a gun to him, she looks ready to shoot him. She fires the gun. David wakes up in a room showing the Jon Hamm segments that have interrupted the season. David speaks to another version of himself and relives the day he first met Syd. Lenny fires and hits Sydney's bullet before it can hit David. Lenny is apprehended by Admiral Fukuyama. David confers with other versions of himself and realizes what he has to do. Cary puts a crown on Farouk, limiting his power. David wakes Syd up. David wants to join Syd to sleep, and she tells him to stay in his room. David still wants to kill Farouk. David projects into Syd's room. David asks Syd to run away with him after Farouk's trial. David projects into Farouk's cell. David is sure Farouk's going to die, says he will do it himself. David is suppressing Syd's memory to keep her in love with him. Cary discovers that David is manipulating Syd. Farouk sends a rat to free Syd's memories. David thinks he's at Farouk's trial, but instead, he is trapped. Syd tells him he's a mutant and he's mentally ill. He's been arrested for future crimes. They tell him they want to help, they want him to take medicine and go to therapy. He decides he's done, breaks out with Lenny and vanishes. 

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Legion Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

What if you're not the hero? What if you're just another villain?


Sydney: You're not the hero.
David: Then who is?
Sydney: Me