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A woman is serving drinks at a casino when a gang on motorcycles charge in and steal cash.

Riggs is on top of his trailer playing skeeter with beer bottles. The dog is hungry, but Riggs has nothing. He comes across the check from the sale of his house. It's 147,000. 

Trish and Murtaugh talk about a dream vacation. She wants to go to Kilmanjaro. He wants to go to Hawaii.

Murtaugh and Riggs investigate the crime scene. There was a cocktail waitress that saw everything. The same woman from before. 

Riggs pulls out his check and places it on a roulette number. Murtuagh can't deal with it and takes the check. The number Riggs had it on won.

Cruz and Bailey look over surveillance footage.

"Billy" visits the cocktail waitress pretending to be a casino insurance agent. Riggs and Murtaugh go to her place and hear the shots. Riggs finds Ethan in the closet, but the shooter gone.

Ethan comes out of the closet.

Riggs and Murtaugh are at the hospital. Dr. Cahill shows up. Ethan is the only witness.

Murtaugh tries to talk to the boy, but there's blood on his shirt. Riggs saves the day, and starts talking to him. Riggs takes the kid to the police station and right to the snack room. He plays a catch a cheese puff game to get information about it.

Bailey and Murtaugh visit a motorcycle shop. Murtaugh wants a motorcycle. Again. the bike guy doesn't seem to think that Murtaugh is a motorcylce guy.

Dr. Cahill is talking to Ethan. He doesn't want to go to foster care. He talks about having an "accident." He suggests staying with his Aunt Christy.

Murtaugh is still talking about CHIPS as they go to Aunt Christy's house. The woman seems flustered and Murtaugh catches on to it. Murtaugh channels his inner Batman and kicks the guys butt who shot at him.

Ethan gets out of the car and hugs Riggs after it's all over.

Murtaugh interrogates the guy they took from Christy's place. Captain Avery comes in before Murtaugh can go crazy on him.

Ethan is looking at a lineup.

Murtaugh is at home, changing. He tells her he wants to buy a motorcycle. He goes back to the garage and buys a motorcycle. While looking around, he comes across a picture of a guy in front of the casino that looks suspicious.

Riggs takes Ethan to his place to sleep over. Ethan admits to not seeing the guy who shot his mom. He only heard his voice.

Riggs tells Cahill Ethan doesn't know anything, and Cahill tells him he's got to go to foster care now that  he's not a witness. 

The guy who shot Ethan's mom is outside the police station waiting for the lawyer. He learns pertinent information. Riggs takes Ethan to foster care. Ethan is not thrilled. They shooter comes in pretending to be a cop, and Ethan recognizes his voice. He runs out and hops on Riggs' truck before being found.

Riggs returns home and finds Ethan in his truck. Ethan tells him everything. Avery calls Murtaugh and learns about "Billy".

A gang on motorcycles shows up. Riggs gets Ethan safe. A firefight ensues. Murtaugh shows up on a motorcycle and saves the day.

Ethan's mom wakes up from her coma. Ethan gives Riggs a hug. Murtaugh takes Trish on a bike ride.




Lethal Weapon
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Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Girdle? People still wear those things?


Dangerous? C'mon, honey, what are you worried about danger? You ride around all day with Marin Riggs.