The Fashion Expeditor - Lethal Weapon
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A guy is at the beach with his son and wife. He gets a text and meets another guy in the hotel room. The first guy shoots the second guy dead.

Riggs is having a hallucination about seeing Miranda in the shower. Turns out it's a dream. The dog that was with the guys from last week is in his trailer. He kicks it out.

Murtuagh is cooking. He's home alone as Trish is out with the kids looking at colleges. The baby is with him, though.

Riggs is in Dr. Cahill's office talking about his dreams about Miranda. he finally admits that he wants to join Miranda every day.

Murtaugh shows up at the crime scene with the baby attached to him. Haha. It's the guy from the hotel. Riggs starts following people. Murtaugh hands the baby over to Bailey to babysit.

The guys Murtaugh is questioning know who the dead guy is. 

Riggs and Murtaugh start chasing a truck full of bunnies that might be full of drugs. Riggs gets knocked down by a DEA agent who is claiming the case.

The DEA agent, Riggs, and Murtaugh are in Avery's office. DEA Agent doesn't want them involved in the investigation. As Agent Palmer is going on and on about not letting Riggs and Murtaugh be involved. they are acting like children. Hilarious.

Murtaugh is getting information from Scorsese. Murtaugh thinks that there was a fake wall in the Chinese workshop. In the wall they find over $90 million in drug money.

Murtaugh and Riggs follow up on a lead. Riggs saves Agent Parker's life.

Riggs is interrogating the son of the Hongs. Agent Parker comes in and wants Riggs out of the room. Meanwhile, Murtaugh is interrogating the Hongs.

Riggs and Parker are running surveillance while Murtaugh is getting blown off by his poker buddies. It's just him and the baby.

Riggs falls asleep and has another Miranda hallucination/dream.

Murtaugh shows up at the surveillance spot with a tray of hoagies. Riggs goes into the shop to talk to the woman. Parker comes in pretending to be Riggs' wife and gets the phone out of Bambi's purse.

Riggs sends Cruz on a job to trick Bambi. Riggs locks himselff in Babmi's trunk to go to the meeting she's going to. She meets with the guy. The guy knows Riggs is in the trunk and Riggs comes out. When Parker and Murtaugh get to the garage, Bambi and Riggs are gone.

Riggs is chained upside down with the drug guy and Bambi. Bambi doesn't shut up and the drug guy kills her. Meanwhile, Parker and Murtaugh are at the garage and then try to find Riggs.

Riggs is being tortured by the guy then escapes, but the guy runs off. The guy finds him in the alley. He wants to know what Riggs knows then he will kill him. Parker and Murtaugh come to the rescue.

Riggs visits Dr. Cahill. He starts talking about Miranda and the visions. 

Parker invites Rigsg out to dinner sometime as she's leaving the precinct. They connect on some level. She takes him to her operations center.

Murtuagh is folding socks. Riggs shows up with a six-pack of beer. He brought the dog from earlier and it makes itself comfortable on the furniture. Riggs and Murtaugh fall asleep on the couch watching The Three Stooges. The dog pees on the rug.




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Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

You have something strapped to the front of you or are you wearing children as jewelry nowadays?


Don't you look terrible. I didn't think you could look any worse.