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Miranda is eating at a bar. Riggs is there too. This is how they met. They are flirting. Riggs brings her back to his place. OMG. This is great! Riggs wakes up to reality. He's hung over. The little tree is all lit up just like in his "dream", but he unplugs it and throws it.

Murtaugh is complaining about his neighbor's decorations. Trish finds him humorous. Murtaugh talks about what they are doing for the holidays when the lights flicker. He goes out and confronts his neighbor. Trish come out to calm Roger own.

At a hotel a woman falls out of a window and smashes down onto a car. Rog and Riggs are called to the scene. Rog is complaining to Riggs about his neighbor.

Bailey gives them information about the victim. Rog and Riggs visit the apartment. Scorsese gives them information. 

Back at the station, Avery talks about Eddie Flores, a big drug cartel guy that Riggs knew back in Texas.

Riggs and Murtaugh meet up with one of Elana's friends (the girl that died). The girl is a journalist covering the story. The journalist girl gives information to help them in their investigation.

They go to a club and Riggs meet up with Eddie. They know each other. Riggs introduces Murtaugh to Flores.

As they are leaving, Flores makes reference to Miranda's accident, and Riggs goes nuts. Flores has rattled his cage indeed.

Murtaugh and Avery talk about Riggs. Riggs visits the storage locker and has a memory about his first Christmas with Miranda's family.

Trish is cooking. He tells Murtaugh about neighbor's missing reindeer. RJ still thinks he's getting a car for Chrsitmas. The power goes out completely.

Rigs brings Scorsese a bottle of booze. Opened. He wants Scorsese to look at the files of his wife's accident. To see if there are any inconsistencies.

Murtaugh comes in complaining about the power outage at home. He wants to know what's going on. They live. Scorsese lets him know he'll look into the case with a nod.

Riggs and Murtaugh head to the dead girl's apartment. The reporter girl is there. They won't let her leave. They look in her bag and find the camera. Riggs gets a phone call. It's Eddie Flores. 

The girl's car explodes with Murtaugh chasing. Riggs sees it from the window as he's talking to Flores.

Scorsese is giving information about the dead journalist. He found the SD card...Bailey is working with the damaged card. Murtaugh is enthusiastic. Riggs is upset. Riggs asks Scorsese about the report. The report doesn't show that she was killed. It's showing that it's an accident. 

Riggs is pissed off and upset. Holidays are hard when a loved one is gone.

Trish and Murtaugh talk about Riggs and what could have been for him. Riggs is t his place. He's still obsessed by it all. He still thinks she was murdered. He doesn't want to accept it was an accident. He throws stuff around. Has a flashback to Christmas when he gave her a necklace with her initial on it. She gives him a positive pregnancy test.

Riggs grabs his gun, puts it under his chin when Murtaugh walks in. He apologizes for not being understanding considering the circumstances.

Riggs and Murtaugh come into the office and see Avery and Bailey working on the SD card. they see Flores throw the girl off the building, but you can't see his face. Murtaugh notices one of the ornaments caught Flores' face. Avery sends Riggs and Murtaugh to arrest Flores. They find him and tell the story to him, then arrest him.

Someone walks up to Trish with a gift. She lets the guy in.

Murtaugh and Riggs put Flores in the back of the car. Riggs thanks Murtaugh. He gets a call telling him that Trish and the kids have been kidnapped by Flores' uncle. He wants an exchange.

Murtaugh calls Trish and learns. Murtaugh takes Flores yellow car. Riggs takes Flores to the airport. They have 55 minutes.

Riggs is at the airport. Murtaugh has a shotgun and is at home, looking through the window. He sees the man holding a gun to Trish. She gets up to make coffeee. The lights go out again. Trish blames it on the neighbor.

As Trish goes to garage, Murtaugh takes the guy out, then Trish kicks him in the face. He sends a text to Riggs that the Murtaugh's are safe.  Riggs grabs Flores for the answer, but he is shot before Eddie answers. He asks the Cartel guy, and the guy walks away. All Riggs wants is an answer.  he gets one. He wasn't that important in El Paso. He's not that important now.

In the garage, Trish finds the reindeer. RJ sees the yellow car and thinks it's for him. They have a family moment.

Avery comes back to office. He heads out. He invites Riggs to his place for the holidays.

The cartel guy is talking to someone. Wants him on a short leash. He said he told him the truth about his wife.

Riggs is looking at files when Murtaugh and family comes knocking. Riggs starts putting everything away. The Murtaugh's come in and have Christmas at Riggs' place.




Lethal Weapon
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Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Riggs: Eddie's not your normal scumbag.
Murtaugh: And, we're not your normal cops.

The worst part of the holiday season is, well...everything.