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A guy who's having an affair is murdered in a hotel room.

Murtaugh is making a turkey sandwich when Feather shows up. She apparently spent the night with RJ.

Riggs wakes up and finds a strange woman on his could wearing his shirt. He grabs all his stuff and heads to work. He's in swim trunks.

Murtaugh tells him about RJ's conquest the night before. They are at the crime scene.

Riggs starts remembering about the night before with the woman.

"Sinner" is scrawled across the victims back. Scratched into it likely.

Bailey is giving Avery some information. Ronnie is in Avery's office. He wants to talk about Riggs. Avery lies and says Riggs is doing well.

Riggs and Murtaugh get off elevator. Riggs sees Ronnie in Avery's office and does an about face. Murtaugh doesn't even notice until a few moments later. Avery waves him into his office to talk to Ronnie.

I love how Avery and Murtaugh are protecting Riggs. Riggs is in the snack room. He sees a bag of chips under the vending machine and is grabbing it when Dr. Cahill comes in and catches him.

Avery questions Murtaugh about Riggs and his drinking.

Riggs is talking to the murdered guy's wife about how he died. She knows about his affairs. She tells him that someone threw a brick through their window a few weeks ago.

Riggs and Murtaugh are at a construction site to question a guy about Dale, the guy who was murdered. The guy takes off. Riggs gets stuck on a protruding nail, then when he breaks free, he runs and jumps off landing in a trash dumpster with Murtaugh and the guy.

Riggs is in doc's office getting nails pulled out of his behind. Murtaugh is not happy that they jumped off a building again.

Riggs and Murtaugh interrogate the guy from the construction site.  He claims he was at church when the murder happened.

Riggs and Murtaugh visit St. Valens to talk with Fr. Patterson.  Murtaugh gets a text from Bailey. He takes off and Riggs stays with the priest and questions him. 

Riggs gets a text from Murt-Dawg that they got the killer's van. The duo finds the van empty, but find a girl buried alive. At first they thinks she's dead, but then she breathes. Freaky deaky.

Riggs gets home and has flashbacks to his night with the woman and how it happened. He got a call from Ronnie that night and ignored him.

Trish and Roger are talking with RJ about his future with Feather. Trish learns about the lost belt and is not happy. She wasn't aware that the girl spent the night. Trish is in full momma mode.

Riggs is at the door to join them for dinner. He's got bottles and bottles of booze. He joins the conversation, talks to RJ later, gets completely wasted and falls asleep on Murtaugh's couch.

Trish wants to kow what's going on with Riggs. Murtaugh has no idea. When Murtaugh puts the blankets on the couch, Riggs tells him he cheated on Miranda but doesn't say anything else.

Murtaugh and Bailey are at the hospital with Valerie, the buried alive girl. Bailey and Cruz go to the nursing home where Valerie worked. Valerie goes to St. Valens as well. Cruz got caught by a lady who told her that Valerie was smothering patients for their life insurance.

Murtaugh and Riggs confront Fr. Patterson who obviously knew what the victims were doing, but didn't bother to say anything.

Murtaugh and Riggs goes into the confessional. Riggs starts "confessing."  He tells Murtaugh he didn't know the girl's name he slept with. He also admits drinking too much. Then Riggs leaves after he finds a speaker wire which leads to the basement.  Murtaugh doesn't realize he left and he just talks all lovey-dovey with no response until he realizes Riggs isn't there.

The wire leads to a basement with a speaker. Reuben runs the soup kitchen. Inside the locked door is a wall of sinners.

Riggs goes into the snack lounge at the station and finds Ronnie waiting for him. As it turns out Riggs blew off a church service for Miranda and ended up sleeping with the girl. Ronnie is mad that he is using the death of Miranda as an excuse to drink. He's angry.

I bet Riggs didn't see that one coming. 

Murtaugh is in Avery's office with Bailey figuring out how Reuben killed people. They figure out that Fr. Patterson is his next victim. Reuben does indeed have Fr. Patterson and is working on him.

Avery and gang figure out that Reuben is at his mother's apartment. He's angry that the priest didn't do anything to save his mother from his abusive father.

Riggs and Murtaugh break into the apartment and find Fr. Patterson. Riggs takes off after Reuben who is on the roof. He's going to jump. Riggs tries to stop him, but the kid jumps and Riggs barely hangs on to the railing. He's dangling. Murtaugh comes out and tries to save Riggs, but it's too difficult.  Riggs wanted him to let him go, but Roger won't.  Riggs punches Roger to try to force him to let go. He still doesn't. Thy bar breaks and they both fall into a tree.

Murtaugh is in Avery's office. Avery is asking about the black eye, but Murtaugh lies, then tells the truth, but he doesn't want Murtaugh to tell Ronnie anything.

Ronnie is at a bar when Riggs shows up. He buys him a drink while having club soda for himself. Murtaugh tells Ronnie he's starting to forget things about Miranda. He wants to break off ties with Miranda's family.

RJ tells Trish and Roger Feather broke up with him. There's a knock on the door and it's Riggs. It's evident that Rigsg is going to start getting sober.






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