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Martin has a dream that his dad was visiting the Murtaughs. Trish is going to be blown up by the microwave. Riggs can't save them.

Riggs talks to Cahill about the dream.

Murtaugh is the captain now? Where did that come from?

Murtaugh and Riggs are in the executive offices to talk about an abduction that if Martin gets his dad to help, the state will release his father from prison.

Leo Getz shows up when the husband of the woman who's been kidnapped is being escorted out. Mr. Conlon is not happy.

Riggs talks to his dad and gets a lead on the people who might have kidnapped Lisa Conlon. He and Bailey have a shootout with the guys.

Riggs has a sibling.

Leo has some clues of his own. Murtaugh meets with Conlon.

Murtaugh takes over a bus and dries like crazy to chase after a suspect, but he loses the suspect.

Riggs chases after his brother, Garrett, and the kid gets hit by a car and ends up in a coma.

Riggs and Roger are pulled off the case. It's now in FBI hands but that doesn't stop Riggs and Murtaugh from working the case.

Murtaugh has Mr. Conlon in the interrogation room.

Leo is following one of the suspects and calls Murtaugh to let him know. Riggs is on top of the truck, riding along.

Getz gets caught and put int he shower with Lisa Conlon. Riggs takes over the guy in the semi or tries to during and elongated action sequence. Let's guess and say he's successful.

Murtaugh shows up in the Ferrari. Another shootout ensues. What a complete waste of viewing time.

Murtaugh is offered the captain's job because Avery is running for office.

Nathan Riggs is released from prison.

Muraugh tells Trish he was offered the captain's job. 

Riggs goes to the hospital where Garrett is and sees his dad there visiting. Riggs thinks that Nathan planned everything to be released from prison.




Lethal Weapon
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