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Roger is on his way to see Riana being born when he sees gunshots and checks it out. This was when he was a beat cop. He gets a gun pulled on him and he begs the guy to let him go so he can see his daughter be born.

Current day: He's giving Riana driving lessons. She fails the soup test and leaves the car because he's being ridiculous. She doesn't even put the car in park.

Riggs has his own flashback to his last conversation with Molly as he heads to Texas. He visits his dad in prison. His dad apologizes for hitting him when he was a boy. Riggs doesn't understand what he's doing and why. His dad just wants a relationship.

Murtaugh and Bailey are at a crime scene. A man was killed in a parking garage. It seems the guy who killed him might have been the guy who held a gun to him years ago. Riggs shows up with the murder weapon. Murtaugh is acting very weird.

Riggs is with Cahill talking about his visit with his father. He wants answers.

Murtaugh gives the crew information about Frank Kelso and his investigations about him. Bailey found him and the guys head to his location. No one is in his place but Riggs thinks he's escaping on a boat and goes chasing after him in a jet ski.

Kelso isn't there. he is in the back of Roger's car and holds a gun to him -- again. He orders Murtaugh to drive somewhere and tells him that he never killed the guy -- that he's being setup. He makes Roger stop so he can go to the bathroom and Roger learns they see the same urologist. He gives Roger the number of the guy he says sets him up.

Back at the station, Riggs is going through Roger's notes. Roger's calls Riggs with a gun to his head to have him run a number and Roger tips him off that he's in trouble.

Riggs calls his dad to ask for help in finding the guy who set up Kelso.

He goes to the antique shop and a shootout ensues. Mike Diamond's guys show up because they think Kelso killed him. Riggs takes them all down but Roger tells Riggs that Kelso didn't kill Diamond.

Roger explains his beliefs about Kelso to Avery. Bailey comes in to tell Riggs he's got a call from prison, but he doesn't want to take the call. Riggs is really upset about Roger. Riggs takes the call and his dad wants to talk a bit more. He's trying to have a deep conversation with Riggs. Why? WTF. Doesn't make sense especially that Riggs sits down and starts talking to his dad. He hates his dad and yet he's going to talk to him. Riggs dad gets accosted at the prison for asking questions about Danny Macini and takes the guys down.

Riana is angry with her dad because she failed her driving test. She said he was in her head the whole time which caused her to fail. What?

Riggs questions Frankie while Avery watches. Frank admits to killing Mike Diamond and Riggs is convinced that he didn't do it.

Roger shows Riana a video he made when she was born so that she'll stop being mad at him. He explains that he might have gone overboard trying to protect her. She tells him that he needs to let her grow up or she'll never know how to be on her own if he doesn't let go.

As he's watching the video he finds a clue to help them with the current case.

Riggs and Roger question Kelso again wanting to know who he's covering for. They release him.

Kelso gets shot by the guy who owned the blue car. Riggs and Murtaugh get to the scene and have a shootout with the kid who shot Kelso. Riggs and Roger get to Kelso and get him in the car. Roger takes him to the hospital while Riggs stays behind to take on the kid.

Riana calls Roger as he's taking Kelso to the hospital. She wants a pep talk. He tells her about life.

Riggs gets one up on the  kid.

Kelso is dying in the car. He's gone before Roger gets to the hospital. Roger is upset.

Riggs is back in Cahill's office talking about his dad. He get a phone call and it's his dad again.

Avery talks to Roger about Kelso. Roger feels bad for the guy. Riggs tells Roger that he's leaving for a couple of days.

Riana passed her driver's exam. Roger is speechless. She takes the keys to the car and goes for her first drive alone.

Riggs dad is in the hospital. He was jumped and stabbed and is in the hospital. The nurse tells him he needs to get him out of the prison or he'll be killed.







Lethal Weapon
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Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

It looks like your killing machine is a bit constipated.


Riggs: He's messing with my head, I know that.
Cahill: You don't have to be in Texas for that to happen. Every move you make is a response to this guy. You're letting him control your life.