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Flashback to Riggs' childhood. He's throwing rocks with Molly. They're talking about getting out of town when they get older.

Riggs is being a dad to Ben, helping him get ready for his first baseball game.

Riana is at a bowling alley. She gives her jacket to a friend to wear and the girl leaves but Riana doesn't get it back before the girl takes off.

The girl and her boyfriend break into a house. They get caught and the kid pulls out a gun. The girl runs away. 

Riana gets home and is busted because she came in after curfew.

Riggs and Murtaugh are on a homicide case where Phoebe and her boyfriend was. Roger and Riggs find the jacket and Roger thinks Riana was there. Trish and Roger don't believe her even though she is telling the truth about the bowling alley.

Riggs and Roger escort Riana to the bowling alley looking for Phoebe and Tyler. 

Riggs leaves because he has a phone call. Roger finds Phoebe.

Riggs is on phone with Molly about Ben's game when he sees Tyler and chases after him. He pulls a gun Riggs and then keeps running. He goes inside a bowling pin changer and has to be saved by Riggs before the kid is crushed.

Roger interrogates Tyler and finds out from Scorsese that Tyler's gun wasn't the murder weapon.

Riggs arrests Ben's baseball coach because Ben wasn't being played. First he extorted him. The coach says that Ben didn't want to play. Coach tells him he doesn't know how to play.

Riggs walks in on a robbery at a store when he stoops in t ask questions about Tyler. He crashes into a movie theatre and the grounded Riana is with Phoebe's brother.

Roger is interrogating Phoebe's brother about his dating Riana then lets him go.

Riggs interrogates the guy from the store who tells him his stepson had father problems which sends Riggs into a flashback about an abusive incident with Riggs dad.

Riggs is playing catch with Ben. Molly is pissed that Riggs arrested Ben's coach. Riggs threw a pop up and Ben didn't catch it and it popped him in the nose. WTF is with this story.

Trish and Roger talk about Riana. They argue and Roger goes to talk to Riana but she snuck out. She's driving with Phoebe.

Trish and Roger report the car stolen. They locate car but Riana is gone.

Molly and Riggs talk. He's upset about the bloody nose. Then he has another flashback to her taking care of him after his dad went off from the earlier flashback.

Riana turns herself into Riggs who takes her up to Roger. Riana tells Roger everything including info about the diamonds Phoebe told her not to talk about. 

Phoebe gets a call from Tyler looking for the diamonds but he's with the two mob guys. They're all on their way to Phoebe's place.

Riggs and Roger show up at Phoebe's before the bad guys do. She grabs the diamonds and goes out the window. She's on a high ledge. Riggs is trying to help her. She has the diamonds with her.

The bad guys show up and Roger takes them on.

Riggs is trying to get Phoebe down while Roger is handling the bad guys. Phoebe almost falls but Riggs catches her while Roger is in trouble  so Riggs is trying to save them both. It's sort of ridiculous when he gets off the perfect shot all the while holding on to Phoebe by one hand. 

AND she held onto the diamonds the whole time?!!! 

Riggs goes to Molly's place to talk to Ben. He starts telling Ben about his dad.

Trish and Roger talk to Riana about her behavior. She's grounded but invite Phoebe's brother to watch TV with Riana while she babysits Harper so that they can go out for date night.

Flashback. Young Riggs stops at Molly's with a backpack to take her up on her offer to stay with her to get away from his dad. And wala -- she does the same in the present time inviting him in.

Lethal Weapon
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Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

I'm just worried my baby girl may be headed down a wrong path.


Molly: He's going to kill you, Martin.
Martin: It was an accident, Molly.