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Riggs is at Molly's place playing with Ben. It's his birthday. There's a strange Trans-Am outside her house that peels away when he leaves.

Roger and Trish talk about Leo's wedding. He's going to be the best man. Roger thinks Trish is pregnant.

The gang shows up at Leo's reception/wedding. Leo talks to Roger about the bride not showing up.

Riggs shows up at Nina's place with Roger to see why she didn't show up to her own wedding. There's a dead guy in the closet.

Scorsese is analyzing the dead guy.

Bailey finds information about the car in front of Molly's house. He has her put a tail on Molly.

Leo gives a sob story about Nina to the department.

There's a shootout at a boxing ring where Riggs and Roger went to find Nina. She saves Leo.

Roger is questioning Nina and she tells her story about the dead guy.

Bailey gives more information about the car. Molly talked to the guy in the car and Riggs calls to find out what was going on. He admits to her that he put a protective tail on her. She is not happy. She thinks it's a violation.

Riggs and Roger go to a place where a poker game is being held that might have information about the murder. Jake is at the game and takes off when he sees Riggs. He was in the trans am.

Riggs talks to Molly about Jake. Roger talks to Trish about the pregnancy test he found in the trash.

Riggs visits with Jake's and talks about Ben and Molly. He gets knocked out by one of Jake's cronies.

Riana isn't pregnant. It's McNeelie's wife. Riggs and Molly make up.


Lethal Weapon
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Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

This wedding may be rough, but I'm dying to know what kind of woman will marry Leo Getz.


Leo: It's not another man, is it?
Roger: Well, not one you have to worry about.